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Better Medicine

By David Gratzer
Edited by Dr David Gratzer

Donner Prize-winning author Dr. David Gratzer (Code Blue, ECW Press) edits and introduces this collection of twelve essays on health care reform in Canada, advocating an open-minded approach to such concepts as privatization, two-tier health care, and user fees. Gratzer has ... Read more

Code Blue

By Dr David Gratzer

In Code Blue: Reviving Canada’s Health Care System, David Gratzer takes a close look at Canada's health care system—from the overcrowded emergency rooms of Montreal hospitals, to the thriving practices of Canadian doctors who have decided to head south. He explores our misconceptions ... Read more

Racism, Capitalism, and COVID19 Pandemic

By Zophia Edwards
Preface by David Austin

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp relief the deep structural problems affecting nonwhite racialized workers in the core and periphery. Yet, many social scientific analyses of the global political economy, at least in the pre-COVID era, are race neutral or willfully ... Read more

Radical Medicine

By Esyllt Jones

Canadian Historical Association Clio Prize


CHA Best Scholarly Book in Canadian History PrizeAlexander Kennedy?Isbister?Award for Non-FictionMcNally Robinson Book of the Year

The origins of medicare have long been told as a simple and satisfying story: a good idea, ... Read more

Shut Away

By Catherine McKercher

An explosive book that exposes the abuses of institutionalization.

"How many brothers and sisters do you have?" It was one of the first questions kids asked each other when Catherine McKercher was a child. She never knew how to answer it.

Three of the McKercher children lived ... Read more