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Marvellous Repossessions

By Jonathan Gil Harris

For many years now theatre directors have argued about how to present Shakespeare's The Tempest. Originally, the play was seen as Prospero's use of magic to reclaim his European heritage against corrupt usurpers. More recently, the play has been produced as a protest against ... Read more

Science of Shakespeare

By Dan Falk

William Shakespeare lived at a remarkable time. New ideas were transforming European thought as the medieval gave way to the modern. Astronomers like Copernicus and Galileo, philosophers like Montaigne, and even playwrights such as Shakespeare, who observed human nature just ... Read more

Shakespeare Beyond Science

By Sky Gilbert

Shakespeare Beyond Science: When Poetry Was the World approaches Shakespeare as rhetorician. This means jettisoning the yearning to find the true meaning of Shakespeare?s texts ? as Shakespeare wrote at a time when poetry was not meant to be interpreted, but experienced as a ... Read more