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Permanent Revolution

By Gail Scott

Permanent Revolution traces Gail Scott’s seminal investigation of prose experiment to the present, including a recreation of the iconic Spaces Like Stairs, in a collection relating the matter of writing in sentences to ongoing social upheaval. "Where there is no emergency ... Read more

Q2Q: Queer Canadian Theatre and Performance

Edited by Peter Dickinson, C.E. Gatchalian, Kathleen Oliver, and Dalbir Singh

This collection seeks to understand why it is important not just to continue to tell queer stories on stage, but also to piece together the larger historical narrative of Canadian queer theatrical production and reception through academic research. Through these essays, artist ... Read more

small things

By Sky Gilbert

Small things is a book of mini-anti-essays, part of Sky Gilbert's project to dismantle and challenge the rigid classifications of genre, thus challenging 21st century notions of truth. Inspired by Oscar Wilde, Foucault, and the post-structuralist project, the small writings in ... Read more

We Are Not Avatars

By John Barton

In We Are Not the Avatars, renowned poet and editor John Barton collects his most provocative essays, public lectures, and reviews produced over the past twenty-five years. Though Canadians still have some way to go, Barton began publishing in an era much less attentive to queer ... Read more