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Popular Political Theatre and Performance

Volume editor Julie Salverson
Series edited by Ric Knowles


Seize the Day: The Mummers' Gros Mourn by Chris Brookes (1983)
Reclaiming Popular Theatre by Rose Adame (1983)
Mixed Company Redefines Political Theatre by Banuta Rubess (1984)
The Interactive Documentary in Canada: Catalyst Theatre's It's About Time by Alan Filewod (1985) ... Read more

Profiles in Canadian Drama: James Reaney

By J. Stewart Reaney

This volume is a carefully delineated study of the plays of James Reaney, written by his son, James Stewart Reaney, who is very familiar with the plays and the characters as he literally grew up with them. This young writer treats his father’s work with an objectivity and ... Read more

Q2Q: Queer Canadian Theatre and Performance

Edited by Peter Dickinson, C.E. Gatchalian, Kathleen Oliver, and Dalbir Singh

This collection seeks to understand why it is important not just to continue to tell queer stories on stage, but also to piece together the larger historical narrative of Canadian queer theatrical production and reception through academic research. Through these essays, artist ... Read more

Queer Theatre in Canada

Edited by Rosalind Kerr
Series edited by Ric Knowles

Includes:Sexuality and Identity in Fortune and Men's Eyes by Neil Carson (1972)Homo Creation: Towards a Poetics of Gay Male Theatre by Robert Wallace (1994)"That's Why I Go to the Gym": Sexual Identity and the Body of the Male Performer by Reid Gilbert (1994)Only in Alberta?: ... Read more

Reading Carol Bolt

By Carol Bolt
Edited by Cynthia Zimmerman

Includes:Cyclone JackBuffalo JumpGabeRed EmmaOne Night StandEscape EntertainmentIcetimeYellow RibbonsFamily PartiesTwo Cowboys and a LadyCompañerasFamous"Carol Bolt was a pioneer, a multi-talented writer who excelled in all the fields of dramatic art. Her work was shaped by ... Read more

Reaney Days in the West Room

By James Reaney
Edited by David Ferry

A man of many talents, Reaney taught at the University of Manitoba and the University of Western Ontario for forty years, and received his doctorate with Northrop Frye. His plays have been produced across the country and his poetry and dramatic writing garnered him three Governor ... Read more

Sharon Pollock

Edited by Sherrill Grace & Michelle La Flamme
Series edited by Ric Knowles

Includes:"Lizzie Borden Took an Ax": Enacting Blood Relations by Madonne Miner (1986)(Im)possible Worlds: The Plays of Sharon Pollock by Denis Salter (1989)Musings of a Political Playwright: A Conversation with Sharon Pollock by Pat Quigley (1990)Dead or Alive? Feeling the Pulse ... Read more

Solo Performance

Edited by Jenn Stephenson
Series edited by Ric Knowles

Includes:David Watmough: Monodramatist by David Watmough (1972)The Bare Necessities of One-Man Shows by Bruce McDougall (1980)Going it Alone: Is Canadian Theatre the Sound of One Voice Talking? by Renate Usmiani (1992)from The Canadian Dramatist volume 2: Playwrights Collective ... Read more

Space and the Geographies of Theatre

Edited by Michael McKinnie
Series edited by Ric Knowles

Includes:The Regionalism of Canadian Drama by Diane Bessai (1980) Playwrights in a Landscape: The Changing Image of Rural Ontario by Alexander M. Leggatt (1980)"A Country of the Soul": Herman Voaden, Lowrie Warrener and the Writing of Symphony by Anton Wagner (1983)Between Empires: ... Read more

The Greek Playwright

By Clem Martini

Picking up where The Blunt Playwright left off, Clem Martini returns to the subject of playwriting, turning his attention to the lessons modern playwrights can learn from the ancient Greeks. Outlining the major playwrights of the era, their major works, and the impact they had ... Read more