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A Portrait of the Artist

By Barbara Pell

Canadian Fiction Studies are an answer to every librarian`s, student`s, and teacher`s wishes. Each book, about 80 pages in length, contains clear, readable information on a major Canadian novel. These studies are carefully designed readings of the novels; they are not substitutes ... Read more

A Record of Writing

By Roy Miki

Canada’s first poet laureate George Bowering is one of the best known writers and literary personalities in the nation. Poet, novelist, essayist, historian, critic and teacher, he is a prolific, irrepressible writer whose works have been published and produced in an extraordinary ... Read more

A Tale of Sad Reality

By Dennis Duffy

A literary exploration of John Richardson's Wacousta.

A Tale Of Two Countries

By Stanley Fogel

Like Philip Stratford's All the Polarities, which compares novels in French and English Canada, A Tale of Two Countries undertakes a cross-cultural comparison as well, examining Canadian and American novels. One of the first studies of Canadian literature in a continental context, ... Read more

A World Under Sentence

By Dennis Duffy

Writers read more than just other writers. They read the social, cultural, and economic structures that determine the world into which they were born. And they also read other writers. A World Under Sentence reads these various "texts" that the early Canadian novelist John Richardson ... Read more

A. J. M. Smith

By Anne Compton

Courageous poet, tireless critic, and leading anthologist of his time, Arthur James Marshall Smith is recognized as one of the most influential and vital forces in Canadian literature. Instrumental in both defining a Canadian tradition in poetry and in promoting the modernist ... Read more

A.J.M. Smith and His Works

By Michael Darling

A study of the Canadian poet A.J.M. Smith and his works.

A.M. Klein

By Zailig Pollock, Usher Caplan, and Linda Rozmovits

Following the general model of The Annotated Bibliography of Canada's Major Authors series, this A.M. Klein bibliography lists primary and secondary material, with annotations of all books, articles, and reviews on Klein. Of special interest is the annotated and indexed bibliography ... Read more

ABC of Reading TRG

By Peter Jaeger
Edited by Frank Davey

ABC of Reading TRG examines the writings of Steve McCaffery and bpNichol, with a special focus on their collaborative work as the Toronto Research Group (TRG). The book expands what little criticism there is on the Group’s collaborations by exploring their engagements with ... Read more

Age of Confession/L' ge de la confession, The

By Neil Bissoondath

In this illuminating essay, Neil Bissoondath explores the powerful influence exerted by narrative on the human psyche. Storytelling is a primary activity in the human experience. The stories that we tell ourselves, as well as those we hear from others, help to answer the question ... Read more