Literary Criticism

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Timothy Findley and the Aesthetics of Fascism

By Anne Geddes Bailey

Timothy Findley and the Aesthetics of Fascism: Intertextual Collaboration and Resistance investigates the troubling relationship between narrative meaning and representations of violence within Timothy Findley’s novels, throughout which writing and reading literature are portrayed ... Read more

Timothy Findley: An Annotated Bibliography

By Carol Roberts & Lynne Macdonald

A writer of international reputation, Timothy Findley`s career encompasses successes in theatre, film, television, radio, and works of literature that have been translated into many languages and have received wide acclaim.


Edited by Birk Sproxton

A collection of essays, interviews, rants, manifestos, notes and poems. Thirty-one prairie contributors, including David Arnason, Dennis Cooley, Dorothy Livesay, Robert Kroetsch, Patrick Friesen, and Margaret Laurence.

Tracing the Lines

Edited by Maia Joseph, Christine Kim, Chris Lee, and Larissa Lai

Passionate critic, principled citizen, attentive reader and editor, energizing teacher—Roy Miki is all these and more, a poet whose writing articulates a moving body of work. The two main areas of his passionate work—social critique and poetics—inform each other in this ... Read more

Tracing the Paths

Edited by Roy Miki

bpNichol’s The Martyrology is one of the most outrageous, challenging, intriguing and accomplished long poems written in Canada. No other poem of its length has raised the major concerns of our time with such urgency and brilliance. Initially recognized by only a few, this ... Read more

Transnational Poetics

Edited by Pilar Cuder-Domínguez, Belén Sonia, and Sonia Villegas-Lpez

This substantial book examines the fiction of Asian Canadianwomen writers - Indian, Chinese and Japanese - of the 1990s,specifically how their work reveals their self-perception as membersof minority subcultures. By close readings of the fiction andrelated texts, the authors ... Read more

Trusting the Tale

By Hugh Hood

This collection of essays shows Hood in full, elegant control of a variety of subjects that will appeal to those interested in Canadian literary history and to anyone involved with the literary currents of our time. The essays are detailed, complex, and enriched by the sensibility ... Read more

Truth or Death

By Thierry Hentsch
Translated by Fred A. Reed

In the tradition of James Frazer, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, Thierry Hentsch retells, with new urgency and a keen critical eye, ?the story of the West” that shapes our perception of the world. Yet, ?the story of the West” does not exist. Only a reading of its most seminal ... Read more

Twenty Years of Multiculturalism

Edited by Stella Hryniuk

How does one measure ethnicity? What are the costs and benefits of multiculturalism? Where is the multicultural literature, theatre and folklore of Canada? What can the medical and other caring professions do to respond to the multicultural clients they serve? These are some ... Read more

Ultra Libris

By Rowland Lorimer

Reflecting cultural, political, and technological changes, this detailed exploration of Canadian book publishing displays trends of the industry from the last 50 years. Against the backdrop of historical highlights, the book dives into modern events in book publishing, focusing ... Read more