Literary Criticism

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The Masks of Judith Thompson

Edited by Ric Knowles

The story of Judith Thompson's coming to writing through a mask class at the National Theatre School of Canada is well known. It is told on the first page of the first article in this volume, based on Thompson's earliest extended interview, and it has been retold frequently ... Read more

The Places Where Names Vanish

By Stephen Henighan

The Places Where Names Vanish explores the frightening, encoded, and potentially explosive realities of Quebec and Montreal as seen by Ecuadorean expatriates. Marta longs for escape from her impoverished village, where she is pulled between traditionalism, spiritualism, Catholicism, ... Read more

The Play of Language and Spectacle

By Ellen R. Babby

Gabrielle Roy`s undoubted importance in the history of the French-Canadian novel makes her a frequently studied author. In this unique study, Ellen Babby focuses on the spectacle motif throughout Gabrielle Roy`s fiction. This wide-ranging survey of texts reveals a whole new ... Read more

The Quest for a 'National' Nationalism

By George Elliott Clarke

In his 2018 Pratt Lecture, The Quest for a ‘National’ Nationalism, renowned author and critic George Elliott Clarke investigates E. J. Pratt’s poetic attempt to become the epic poet of Canada. And while Pratt’s epic poems, such as Brebeuf and His Brethren and Towards ... Read more

The Recovery of the Public World

Edited by Charles Watts & Edward Byrne

The Recovery of the Public World is a collection of texts and talks which address the work of poet Robin Blaser and the field inhabited by his work. It is a field in which the private and the public are grounded in a poetic thinking that operates within the problematics of companionship ... Read more

The Stone Canoe

By Elizabeth Paul & Peter Sanger
Illustrated by Alan Syliboy

This is a story about two stories and their travels through the written record. The written part begins in the mid-nineteenth century, when Silas T. Rand, a Baptist clergyman from Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, took as his task the translation of the Bible into Mi’kmaq?the language ... Read more

Theatre and Performance in Toronto

Edited by Laura Levin
Series edited by Ric Knowles

Includes:Toronto's Baby Building Boom by Sandra Souchotte Ketchum (1979)Growing Pains: Toronto Theatre in the 1970s by Robert Wallace (1980)from In the Beginning Was Toronto: The Emergence of an Alternative Theatre Movement in English Canada by Renate Usmiani (1983)from A Dialectical ... Read more

Theatre Histories

Edited by Alan Filewod
Series edited by Ric Knowles

Includes:The Toronto Lyceum: A Study of Early Canadian Theatre in Miniature by Richard Plant (1976)Infinite Variety or a Canadian "National" Theatre: Roly Young and the Toronto Civic Theatre Association, 1945–1949 by Anton Wagner (1988)Dora Mavor Moore: Before the New Play ... Read more

Theatre in Alberta

Edited by Anne Nothof
Series edited by Ric Knowles

A Literary Perspective on the Plays of W. O. Mitchell by Diane Bessai (1984)Elsie Park Gowan: Distinctively Canadian by Anton Wagner (1987)
CKUA: Radio Drama and Regional Theatre by Howard Fink (1987)
The Banff School of Fine Arts 1933–1969: "A Theatre of the People" ... Read more