Literary Criticism

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At Alberta

By Nathalie Stephens

The talks collected in AT ALBERTA have as their ironic coincidence: place. Spatially concurrent, they were all delivered in Edmonton. They deliberately thwart the systematic treatment of genre, translation, desire, and territorialisation through reiterated displacement, subterfuge ... Read more

Audrey Thomas and Her Works

By Barbara Godard

A biography and review of the works of Audrey Thomas up to 1989, a novelist and short story writer who lives on Galiano Island. BC.

Austin C. Clarke

By Stella Algoo-Baksh

This series on Canadian authors fulfills a real need in the study of Canadian literature. Each monograph is a separately bound study that contains a biography of the author, a description of the tradition and milieu that influenced the author, a survey of the criticism on the ... Read more

Austin Clarke

Edited by Camille A. Isaacs

A collection of essays on one of Toronto? best-known and loved writers-politicians-social commentators. The essays on Austin Clarke? writings will be paired with a full-length poem that displays both Austin? acerbic wit and tenderness.

Between Books / Entre deux livres

By Monique LaRue

Once a work is completed, when and how do writers and other artists embrace their next creative work? In this fascinating book, Monique LaRue gives a tantalizing glimpse of the contour of time shaped by inspiration rather than the movement of the clock. Moving from the philosophical ... Read more

Between Europe And America

By T. D. MacLulich

Does Canadian fiction owe more to European or American influences? Or, has Canadian fiction outgrown its earlier debts and developed its own, distinctly Canadian, features? T.D. MacLulich demonstrates how Canadian fiction writers were initially European-centred; then at the ... Read more

bill bissett and His Works

By Karl Jirgens

An examination of the anti-conventional Canadian poet Bill Bissett and his body of work.