Literary Criticism

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The Annotated Bibliography of Canada`s Major Authors: Volume 5

Edited by Robert Lecker & Jack David

Featuring primary and secondary information on key Canadian writers?including Morley Callaghan, Mavis Gallant, Hugh Hood, Alice Munro, and Ethel Wilson?each volume in this series provides complete annotations on all secondary entries, offers authoritative listings of all audio-visual ... Read more

The Atlantic Anthology

Edited by Terry Whalen

This explorative collection is presented as a series of statements, suggestions, illuminations, and occasional epiphanies, about the Atlantic region of Canada, its literature and its culture. Most of these critical and scholarly essays demonstrate an abundant awareness of the ... Read more

The Best of Writers & Company

By Eleanor Wachtel

Eleanor Wachtel is one of the English-speaking world's most respected and sought-after interviewers. This book, celebrating her show's twenty-five year anniversary, presents her conversations with legendary authors like Jonathan Franzen, Alice Munro, and J.M. Coetzee, who share ... Read more

The Birth of Reason

By Louis Dudek

In The Birth of Reason Louis Dudek establishes the link between ancient pre-Socratic Atomism and modern quantum mechanics. In characteristically unencumbered terms, Dudek shows how this revolutionary philosophy, the invention of thinkers from Ioanian Greek trading cities, has ... Read more

The Blind Bookkeeper (or Why Homer Must Be Blind) / Le comptable aveugle (l'Incontournable cécité d'Homère)

By Alberto Manguel

Rich with literary awards and honours, Alberto Manguel extends his literary genius to address and complete a thoughtfully crafted extrapolation on a paper left unfinished by Northrop Frye in 1943. The result is a succinct yet densely multilayered examination of how various readings ... Read more

The Bumper Book

Edited by John Metcalf

Featuring articles and poems from such writers as Norman Snider, Irving Layton, Fraser Sutherland, John Mills, Brian Fawcett, and Doug Gibson, this collection addresses numerous facets of Canadian literature, including the Canada Council, Robertson Davies` characters, Robin ... Read more

The Canadian Short Story

By John Metcalf

No other person has done more to celebrate and encourage the short story in Canada than John Metcalf. For more than five decades he has worked tirelessly as editor, anthologist, writer, critic, and teacher to help shape our understanding of the form and what it can do. The long-time ... Read more

The Dusty Bookcase

By Brian Busby

Brian Busby’s The Dusty Bookcase explores the fascinating world of Canada’s lesser-known literary history: works that suffered censorship, critical neglect, or brilliant yet fleeting notoriety. These rare and quirky totems of Canadiana, collected over the last three decades, ... Read more

The Fat Lady Dances

By Margery Fee

A literary exploration of Margaret Atwood's Lady Oracle.

The Gilded Beaver

By Patricia Monk

Best known as the author of the satiric utopian novel A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, James De Mille (1833-80) wrote many other works of fiction and poetry. Patricia Monk's biographical-critical study investigates De Mille's personal, educational, religious, ... Read more