Literary Criticism

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Playing the Inside Out / Le jeu des apparences

By David Adams Richards

Playing the Inside Out is David Adams Richard’s distilled insight on the artist’s struggle for full access to artistic integrity by remaining an outsider to convention. Richards conjures forth his vision of eternal truths commonly held by all mankind, a Miramichi cosmic consciousness ... Read more

Poet to Publisher

Edited by Ralph Maud

Donald M. Allen’s anthology The New American Poetry, published by Grove Press / Evergreen in the U.S.A. and the U.K., burst onto the literary scene in 1960 to become the single most important and influential book of poetry in the English language published in the second half ... Read more

Poetics of Desire

By Nadine McInnis

In this study of Dorothy Livesay’s love poetry, Nadine McInnis focuses on Livesay’s maturing sense of herself as an artist, exploring the sexual/ ­textual conflicts present in much of Livesay’s love poetry and their later ­resolution. “McInnis is an important young ... Read more

Popular Political Theatre and Performance

Volume editor Julie Salverson
Series edited by Ric Knowles


Seize the Day: The Mummers' Gros Mourn by Chris Brookes (1983)
Reclaiming Popular Theatre by Rose Adame (1983)
Mixed Company Redefines Political Theatre by Banuta Rubess (1984)
The Interactive Documentary in Canada: Catalyst Theatre's It's About Time by Alan Filewod (1985) ... Read more

Postmodern University, The

By Stanley Fogel

“Postmodernism” and “deconstruction” have rapidly (and soberly) been defined, redefined, and thus assimilated by academics in the humanities whose operant muse seems for the most part to be the desire to progress from assistant to associate to full professor. Nonetheless, ... Read more

Prague Blues

By Sam Solecki

Josef Skvorecky left Czechoslovakia in the wake of the 1968 invasion, and settled in Canada. In the course of the next twenty years, he wrote many novels, and gradually developed a reputation as one of Canada's finest novelists. In 1985 he received the Governor General's Award ... Read more

Profiles in Canadian Drama: James Reaney

By J. Stewart Reaney

This volume is a carefully delineated study of the plays of James Reaney, written by his son, James Stewart Reaney, who is very familiar with the plays and the characters as he literally grew up with them. This young writer treats his father’s work with an objectivity and ... Read more

Q2Q: Queer Canadian Theatre and Performance

Edited by Peter Dickinson, C.E. Gatchalian, Kathleen Oliver, and Dalbir Singh

This collection seeks to understand why it is important not just to continue to tell queer stories on stage, but also to piece together the larger historical narrative of Canadian queer theatrical production and reception through academic research. Through these essays, artist ... Read more

Queer Returns

By Rinaldo Walcott

Queer Returns returns us to the scene of multiculturalism, diaspora and queer through the lens of black expression, identity and the political. The essays question what it means to live in a multicultural society, how diaspora impacts identity and culture and how the categories ... Read more

Queer Theatre in Canada

Edited by Rosalind Kerr
Series edited by Ric Knowles

Includes:Sexuality and Identity in Fortune and Men's Eyes by Neil Carson (1972)Homo Creation: Towards a Poetics of Gay Male Theatre by Robert Wallace (1994)"That's Why I Go to the Gym": Sexual Identity and the Body of the Male Performer by Reid Gilbert (1994)Only in Alberta?: ... Read more