Literary Criticism

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Pacific Rim Letters

By Roy Kiyooka
Edited by Smaro Kamboureli

Pacific Rim Letters is a never-before-seen collection of letters Roy Kiyooka wrote between 1975 and 1985. It presents a fascinating and highly valuable picture of the artistic and literary communities Kiyooka was actively involved with, as well as Kiyooka as a man with an extraordinary ... Read more

Pain, Porn and Complicity

By Kathleen McConnell

Why does Bella lie so much in the Twilight series? Why was Catwoman such a bad movie? What was the reason Dark Angel was so short-lived? Poet and scholar Kathleen McConnell tackles these, and other, subjects in this collection of essays. Drawing on analysis from Freud to chaos ... Read more

Paradox of Meaning

By John Moss

The essays and rhetorical imaginings that Moss calls critical fiction challenge convention, subverting the notions of genre we use to distinguish between prose and poetry, ­fiction and exposition, creative writing and critical commentary. Moss looks at such authors as Atwood, ... Read more

Pasquale Verdicchio

Edited by Antonio D'Alfonso

The ten essays included in this volume address the themes of immigration, migration, and history in Pasquale Verdicchio’s poetry and scholarship. Giuliana Gardellini, Joseph Pivato, Anna Zampieri Pan, Diego Bastianutti, Carmelo Militano, Leonardo Buonomo, Kenneth Scambray, ... Read more

Patrick Lane and His Works

By George Woodcock

Following in the footsteps of his brother, Patrick Lane wrote poetry to escape a life of labour and helped found the small, west coast press Very Stone House in the mid-sixties. This analysis of his work, written by George Woodcock, explores how his peripatetic nature influenced ... Read more

Performing Back

Edited by Dalbir Singh

The area of post-colonial studies is primarily concerned with how societies and cultures have been affected through the processes of colonization, and Canada is considered by many literary and cultural critics to be such a nation not only due to its historical lineage as a settler ... Read more

Performing Indigeneity

Edited by Yvette Nolan & Ric Knowles
Series edited by Ric Knowles

This volume of newly commissioned essays about Indigenous performance is the first in which all of the contributors are Indigenous artists or academics. Scholars were invited to write essays on some aspect of Indigenous performance and artists were asked to contribute statements ... Read more

Permanent Revolution

By Gail Scott

Permanent Revolution traces Gail Scott’s seminal investigation of prose experiment to the present, including a recreation of the iconic Spaces Like Stairs, in a collection relating the matter of writing in sentences to ongoing social upheaval. "Where there is no emergency ... Read more