Literary Criticism

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Orpheus in Winter

By John Orange

Canadian Fiction Studies are an answer to every librarian`s, student`s, and teacher`s wishes. Each book, about 80 pages in length, contains clear, readable information on a major Canadian novel. These studies are carefully designed readings of the novels; they are not substitutes ... Read more

Other 23 & a Half Hours, The

By Catherine Owen

It might be counterintuitive, but Catherine Owen believes being a writer involves much more than writing. In this provocative book she examines the moving parts of the literary community and explains what makes it tick. Starting with reading, which Owen believes is a fundamental ... Read more

Our Kind of Work

By Dwayne Brenna

Twenty-fifth Street Theatre Players was established in 1972 as an artists' collective under the direction of the enigmatic Andreas Tahn. The company would proceed to incorporate in 1974 and become the first professional theatre company in Saskatoon and the legacy it would leave ... Read more

Out of Line

By Tanis MacDonald

Poet and scholar Tanis MacDonald has taught creative writing for twenty years all across Canada: in small community workshops, large university classes and everything in between. The question she's heard the most is "How can I be a writer?" and she realized early on that this ... Read more

Outsider Notes

By Lynnette Hunter
Edited by Frank Davey

How does an ?outsider” feminist read a contemporary Canadian literature that is profoundly inscribed with the contradictions of late 20th-century capitalism, nationalism and globalism, and with vigorous class, race and gender struggles for access to power and representation? ... Read more

Pacific Rim Letters

By Roy Kiyooka
Edited by Smaro Kamboureli

Pacific Rim Letters is a never-before-seen collection of letters Roy Kiyooka wrote between 1975 and 1985. It presents a fascinating and highly valuable picture of the artistic and literary communities Kiyooka was actively involved with, as well as Kiyooka as a man with an extraordinary ... Read more

Pain, Porn and Complicity

By Kathleen McConnell

Why does Bella lie so much in the Twilight series? Why was Catwoman such a bad movie? What was the reason Dark Angel was so short-lived? Poet and scholar Kathleen McConnell tackles these, and other, subjects in this collection of essays. Drawing on analysis from Freud to chaos ... Read more

Paradox of Meaning

By John Moss

The essays and rhetorical imaginings that Moss calls critical fiction challenge convention, subverting the notions of genre we use to distinguish between prose and poetry, ­fiction and exposition, creative writing and critical commentary. Moss looks at such authors as Atwood, ... Read more

Patrick Lane and His Works

By George Woodcock

Following in the footsteps of his brother, Patrick Lane wrote poetry to escape a life of labour and helped found the small, west coast press Very Stone House in the mid-sixties. This analysis of his work, written by George Woodcock, explores how his peripatetic nature influenced ... Read more