Literary Criticism

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Anarcho-Modernism ebook

By Ian Angus

This volume is a collection of 38 pieces unified by a combination of the playful, primitive aesthetic of literary modernism with the anti-authoritarian, anarchist praxis of radical democratic politics. This bipolar sensibility permeates the work of Jerry Zaslove, to whom the ... Read more

Anne Wilkinson

By Christopher Armitage

A critical volume describing the life of Anne Wilkinson and her literary work.

Annihilated Time

By Jeff Derksen

Reading against the grain of global ideological flows, Derksen demonstrates how borders, identities, national literatures, urban territories, built space and the spaces of culture and politics have not simply been eroded by globalization, but how the traditional identity-determined ... Read more

Annotated Bibliography of Dorothy Livesay

By Alan Ricketts

Many of the highly praised bibliographies that make up The Annotated Bibliography of Canada`s Major Authors are also available in individual author reprints. Separately bound and covered, each bibliography concentrates on one major Canadian author.

Annotated Bibliography of Earle Birney

By Peter Noel-Bentley

An annotated bibliography of the works of Canadian poet Earle Birney.

Annotated Bibliography of F. R. Scott

By Robert Still

A extensive biography and look at the writing of Canadian poet, lawyer, and social philosopher F.R. Scott.


By Stan Dragland

Apocrypha, a shaped collection of writing by Stan Dragland produced over two decades, is a passionate meditation on the meeting of life and literature, and a text of rumination, invention, and rhapsody. Dragland looks at the texts of strangers and colleagues, including Michael ... Read more

Arbutus/Madrone Files, The

By Laurie Ricou

The first book-length commentary on twentieth-century Pacific Northwest writing, The Arbutus / Madrone Files explores the dynamics of the Pacific Northwest. Laurie Ricou’s meditations are dropped into thirteen files—such as, the "Island File," the "Salmon File," ... Read more

As for Me and My Body

By Keath Fraser

Offering an intimate portrait of the last years of Sinclair Ross`s often beleaguered life, this elegant account of an artist in decline—crippled by Parkinson`s Disease and a sense of failure, attracted to suicide and his own sexual revelations—leads readers to a new biographical ... Read more

Asian Canadian Theatre

Edited by Nina Lee Aquino & Ric Knowles

As the foundational volume in the development of a new field of study, it includes essays by major voices in Asian Canadian Studies and Asian North American Theatre Studies, as well as some of Canada’s top theatre practitioners.The book offers essays that contextualize the ... Read more