Literary Criticism

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Linda Griffiths

Edited by Jacqueline Petropoulos

For more than three decades, Griffiths worked tirelessly and passionately to redefine drama and performance in Canada, constantly pushing artistic boundaries in her quest to tell new and unconventional stories about Canadians and women.

Weaving together new critical essays on ... Read more

Literature and the Press

By Louis Dudek

What is the effect of the Industrial Revolution in Printing on permanent literature and literary standards? Literature and the Press provides both theory and background for this discussion, so crucial to our own sense of historical canon, mass communications, and enduring literary ... Read more

Living Language and Dead Reckoning

By Edward J. Chamberlin

In this highly personal essay, Ted Chamberlin asks some old, old questions such as "why do we need stories and songs?" Turning frequently to First Nations people, he looks at their culture and asks what it means to listen. In response, he notes that we take great pleasure in ... Read more

Living Over The Abyss

By Carol Beran

A literary exploration of Margaret Atwood and her novel Life Before Man.

Louis Dudek and His Works

By Terry Goldie

A study of Canadian modernist poet Louis Dudek.

Love, Loss, and Longing

Edited by Dalbir Singh

Love, Loss, and Longing is a collection of six plays from acclaimed and award-winning South Asian Canadian playwrights that explore themes of family, love, trauma, race, and more. Featuring introductions by directors, dramaturgs, and playwrights, each play is contextualized ... Read more

Made in Manitoba

Edited by Wayne Tefs

This spirited collection highlights the freshness, charm and originality that are the hallmarks of Manitoba writing. These are stories to savour—by turns funny, tender, offbeat, unsettling, provocative and, always, entertaining. Includes stories by Carol Shields, David Arnason, ... Read more

Making Waves

Edited by Trevor Carolan

Distinguished in part by its attention to language of place, natural science, local flora and fauna, land and seascapes, and receptivity to aboriginal forebears, much of the literature from British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest region of the US is increasingly informed ... Read more

Margaret Atwood

By Frank Davey

Margaret Atwood’s writing, according to Davey, reveals not only an extraordinary facility with language, but also a deep mistrust of it as something shaped by an instrumental and largely male culture. Her language directs its readers to a hidden level of itself ? unspoken, ... Read more