Literary Criticism

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Leo Kennedy and His Works

By Francis Zichy

A study of the Canadian poet and critic Leo Kennedy and his work.

Leon Rooke

By Keith Garebian

These studies of Canadian authors fulfill a real need in the study of Canadian literature. Each monograph is a separately bound study that contains a biography of the author, a description of the tradition and milieu that influenced the author, a survey of the criticism on the ... Read more

Let’s Go Exploring

By Michael Hingston


A fascinating investigation of a beloved comic strip

The internet is home to impassioned debates on just about everything, but there’s one thing that’s universally beloved: Bill Watterson’s comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Until its retirement in 1995 after a ten-year run, ... Read more

Letters of Conrad Aiken and Malcolm Lowry, 19291954

By Conrad Aiken
Edited by Cynthia C Sugars

From the beginning, John Sutherland recognized that his literary gifts lay in criticism rather than in poetry. His independence from the academy and his largely autodidactic training gave him a unique perspective as a critic of Canadian literature. What these letters document, ... Read more

Life Experience Coolant

By Colin Fulton

Life Experience Coolant is a collection of four long poems informed by artistic isolation, directionless reading, and the avoidance mechanisms that make poetry simultaneously possible and impossible at our current cultural velocity. Using methodologies of textual appropriation, ... Read more

Life Struggle

By W.J. Keith

A literary exploration of Hugh MacLennan and his iconic Canadian novel The Watch That Ends the Night. Canadian Fiction Studies are an answer to every librarian's, student's, and teacher's wishes. Each book contains clear information on a major Canadian novel. These studies are ... Read more

Linda Griffiths

Edited by Jacqueline Petropoulos

For more than three decades, Griffiths worked tirelessly and passionately to redefine drama and performance in Canada, constantly pushing artistic boundaries in her quest to tell new and unconventional stories about Canadians and women.

Weaving together new critical essays on ... Read more

Living Language and Dead Reckoning

By Edward J. Chamberlin

In this highly personal essay, Ted Chamberlin asks some old, old questions such as "why do we need stories and songs?" Turning frequently to First Nations people, he looks at their culture and asks what it means to listen. In response, he notes that we take great pleasure in ... Read more

Living Over The Abyss

By Carol Beran

A literary exploration of Margaret Atwood and her novel Life Before Man.