Literary Criticism

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Imagining British Columbia

Edited by Daniel Francis

The twenty contemporary writers featured in this anthology have one thing in common: a connection to British Columbia, to a specific time, landscape, or community in BC. Their essays and memoirs have been inspired by, or are in some way affected by, the particular "sense of ... Read more

Imagining Toronto

By Amy Lavender Harris

In Imagining Toronto, Amy Lavender Harris ventures deep into the imagined city Ñ the Toronto of fiction, poetry, and essays Ñ where she dowses for meaning in the literature of the city on the lake as its inhabitants understand, remember, and dream it. By tracing Toronto's ... Read more

In Flux

By Roy Miki

The politics of difference, mired in the violence of colonial history, are a dominant force in the socio-economic development of contemporary society as it strikes a balance between the acceptance of new cultures, and the absorption and gentrification of them. In this collection ... Read more

In the Midst

By Warren Tallman

For over 40 years Warren Tallman, reader, critic, mentor, friend, confidant, host and impresario to writers all across North America has remained ?in the midst” of the poetic discourse that time and again restores the body of his great goddess, Mother Tongue. He has been almost ... Read more


Edited by Dennis Cooley

This anthology of prairie poetry is retrospective and gathering, meant to bring together those who have long been committed to poetry and to the prairies. The poems range from anecdote to experiment, minute recording to extravagant invention, and the poets-- all distinguished ... Read more

Into Africa with Margaret Laurence

By Fiona Sparrow

Best known for her fiction set in Canada, Margaret Laurence also has a body of work that resulted from the years she spent in Africa. Northern Somaliland in particular stimulated the deep understanding of human nature that permeates Laurence`s subsequent work. Fiona Sparrow`s ... Read more

Irving Layton

By Francis Mansbridge

From the author of his bibliography and the editor of his letters comes this new biography of Canada`s most outspoken poet, Irving Layton. Beginning with Layton`s youth in Montreal, this book examines Layton`s early days with Louis Dudek and the First Statement poets. From his ... Read more

Isabella Valancy Crawford and Her Works

By Robert Alan Burns

A study of Canadian writer Isabella Valancy Crawford and her work.

Isolation and Commitment

By Hallvard Dahlie

Canadian Fiction Studies are an answer to every librarian`s, student`s, and teacher`s wishes. Each book contains clear information on a major Canadian novel. Attractively produced, they contain a chronology of the author`s life, information on the importance of the book and ... Read more

J. J. Steinfeld

By George Elliott Clarke
Edited by Sandra Singer

A critical look at PEI writer J. J. Steinfeld's extensive and prolific writings in poetry, fiction and theatre, ranging from his early work on Holocaust themes to his later examinations of absurdity and existentialism. Among the contributors: Raina L. Shults, Michael Greenstein, ... Read more