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Changing the Face of Canadian Literature

Edited by Dane Swan

A g call to action and accountability. – Shelagh Rogers

Needless to say, moments like now, when the hurdles to becoming a respected author are at their lowest. When the only hurdles to being published are the quality of your writing and your patience to deal with certain less ... Read more

Indigenous Toronto

Edited by Denise Bolduc, Mnawaate Gordon-Corbiere, Rebeka Tabobondung, and Brian Wright-McLeod


Rich and diverse narratives of Indigenous Toronto, past and present

Beneath many major North American cities rests a deep foundation of Indigenous history that has been colonized, paved over, and, too often, silenced. Few of its current ... Read more

My Conversations With Canadians

By Lee Maracle

Shortlisted for the 2018 Toronto Book Award

Shortlisted for the First Nation Communities READ 2018-2019 Award

On her first book tour at the age of 26, Lee Maracle was asked a question from the audience, one she couldn't possibly answer at that moment. But she has been thinking ... Read more

Silence to Strength

Edited by Christine Miskonoodinkwe Smith

From the 1960s through the 1980s the Canadian Children's Aid Society engaged in a large-scale program of removing First Nations children from their families and communities and adopting them out to non-Indigenous families. This systemic abduction of untold thousands of children ... Read more

W'daub Awae, Speaking True

Edited by Warren Cariou
By Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm & Daniel Heath Justice

Additional contributors to this collection include: Richard Van Camp, Joanne Arnott, Marilyn Dumont, Greg Scofield, John McDonald, Rolland Nadjiwon, Lesley Belleau, Al Hunter, Joseph Dandurand (Tony), Basil Johnston, and David Groulx.