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But It's So Silly

By JonArno Lawson

How are ideas of play shaped by culture? What is imagination, or creativity, and where does poetry fit into this mix? For the past decade, award-winning children's author JonArno Lawson has been collecting children's poetry, lap rhymes, finger games and stories of how people ... Read more


By Catherine Owen

With her characteristic fearlessness Catherine Owen examines what drives her to write and the influences that shape her writing. From her childhood memories in suburban Vancouver to her willingness to risk all for a glimpse of her muse, the essays in Catalysts allow readers unparalleled ... Read more

Coming Here, Being Here

By Michael Mirolla
Edited by Don Mulcahy

This migration anthology is an entertaining miscellany of factual stories, essays, newspaper reportage, and even a poem, all of which highlight the humour, as well as the ironies and agonies generated when humans seek a new homeland. The authors, and their stories, are as diverse ... Read more

Compulsive Acts

By Paul Haferty & Paul Haferty
Edited by David Bateman

Compulsive Acts explores the films, plays, and personality of prolific playwright, novelist, film maker, and poet Sky Gilbert through the eyes of a handful of the people who have observed his work closely over the past two decades ? as audience members and arts workers. Actors, ... Read more

Cowboys and Bleeding Hearts

By Ron Charach

In this, his first collection of essays, Charach has gathered together essays that address the issues that keep him up at night, as a person and as a doctor. From a dark tallying up of the human toll of gun violence, to a more nuanced consideration of Jewish identity, along ... Read more

Don't Honk Twice

Edited by Tanya Finestone & Leigh Nash
Illustrated by Nella Casson

Prince Edward County is the stuff of magic: gorgeous beaches, unruly vineyards, Horn Trips, and meat rolls at the Elks Lodge. Don’t Honk Twice: A Prince Edward County Anthology is a dedicated effort to try and pin down that magic and celebrate everything Prince Edward County ... Read more

Edmonton on Location

Edited by Heather Zwicker

Edmonton on Location: River City Chronicles is an innovative collection of essays, memoirs, poems, and stories by acclaimed Edmontonians. These Edmontonians represent a cross-section of society, spanning generations, occupations, and lifestyles that have helped to make Edmonton ... Read more

Erotics of Restraint, The

By Douglas Glover

Why do we read? What do we cherish in a book? What is the nature of a masterpiece? What do Alice Munro, Albert Camus, and the great Polish experimentalist Witold Gombrowicz have in common? In the tradition of Nabokov, Calvino, and Kundera, Douglas Glover’s new essay collection ... Read more

Euclid's Orchard and Other Essays

By Theresa Kishkan

In her new collection of essays Kishkan unravels an intricately patterned algorithm of cross-species madrigal, horticulture and love. Opening with ‘Herakleitos on the Yalakom,’ a turbulent homage to her father, and ending in ‘Euclid’s Orchard,’ amidst bees and coyotes, ... Read more

Everywhere Being is Dancing

By Robert Bringhurst

In this companion volume to The Tree of Meaning (GP, 2006), Robert Bringhurst collects talks and meditations under the principle that “everything is related to everything else. ” His studies of poetry, polyphonics, oral literature, storytelling, translation, mythology, homogeny, ... Read more