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150 Years Up North and More

Edited by Laura C Stradiotto & Karen McCauley

A collection of creative non-fiction stories about the colonization and immigration in northern Ontario.

A Man of Letters

Edited by Jessica Riley

The late Urjo Kareda was renowned for his commitment to respond personally to the hundreds of mostly unsolicited scripts received by Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre, where he served as artistic director for almost two decades, from 1982 to 2001. His letters—the bulk of which ... Read more

A Ragged Pen

By Robert Finley, Patrick Friesen, Aislinn Hunter, Anne Simpson, and Jan Zwicky

A Ragged Pen brings to the page five essays on memory. First delivered in Vancouver in the spring of 2005, these talks?by Robert Finley, Patrick Friesen, Aislinn Hunter, Anne Simpson and Jan Zwicky?examine the narrative challenges, lyric energy and questions of verity that surround ... Read more

Accidental Genius

By Keith Garebian

Using many right-wing extremists in North America (which means, in effect, weird Republicans), Garebian takes well-known utterances of egregious political, social, and cultural atrocity and present them as if they were modern poems deserving of serious academic consideration. ... Read more

Afflictions & Departures

By Madeline Sonik

Winner, City of Victoria Butler Book Prize

Finalist, Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction

Nominated for the BC National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction

Afflictions & Departures is a collection of first-person experiential essays. However, this is not the realm of traditional ... Read more

After Completion

By Charles Olson
With Frances Boldereff
Edited by Sharon Thesen & Ralph Maud

After Completion: The Later Letters between modern American poet Charles Olson and typographer and Joyce scholar Frances Boldereff opens in September 1950, following a crisis that amounted to a “completion” of the major phase of their relationship. The 140 letters in this ... Read more

Autobiography of Childhood

By Sina Queyras

A finalist for the 36th annual Amazon. ca First Novel Award!


The Combals are not unacquainted with death: they have never quite recovered from the loss of one of them in childhood. And now, on Valentine's Day, they are losing another. ?

Guddy races to see her sister, Jerry and ... Read more

Available Light

By Herménégilde Chiasson
Translated by Wayne Grady

Available Light is a critically acclaimed collection of haunting and unforgettable meditations from one of Acadie's best-loved poets. Moving from playful erudition to melancholy, Chiasson explores essential questions about art and creativity, while at the same time delving into ... Read more