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Can I Have a Word with You?

By Howard Richler

In his fifth book about language, Howard Richler moves through the alphabet from A to Z singling out words that may look innocuous but contain treasures of hidden meanings. Especially intriguing for Richler is how words change their meanings and develop layered connotations, ... Read more

How Happy Became Homosexual

By Howard Richler

An old joke goes like this: What’s the difference between a good girl and a nice girl? Answer: The good girl goes to a party, goes home then goes to bed, whereas the nice girl goes to the party, goes to bed, then goes home. The distinction made between the two types of young ... Read more

Speaking in Tongues

Edited by Maggie Helwig
Introduction by John S. Saul

While writers living in exile have much to say, they often lack a space in which to be heard. Speaking in Tongues offers the personal reflections of writers in exile--many now living in Canada--as they engage with and interrogate the act of translation.As one writer living in ... Read more