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Biting the Error

Edited by Gail Scott, Robert Gluck, and Camille Roy

What is the best way to tell a story? In this anthology, the first-ever collection of essays by innovative, cutting-edge writers on the theme of narration, forty of the continent's top experimental writers describe their engagement with language, storytelling and the world. ... Read more

Exhilarating Prose

By Barry Healey & Cordelia Strube

This smartly illustrated literary miscellanea is intended to stimulate readers and writers of English prose. From “dead language – the speaks” (i. e., ad-speak, media-speak, corporate-speak) through “re-writing – Again?” to rules (to obey or not to obey), authors ... Read more

How to Write

By derek beaulieu beaulieu

How to Write is a perverse Coles Notes: a paradigm of prosody where writing as sampling, borrowing, cutting-and-pasting and mash-up meets literature. This collection of conceptual short ?ction takes inspiration from Lautréamont’s decree that ?plagiarism is necessary. It is ... Read more

Late Bloomer

By Naomi Wakan

In this lively, perceptive, and encouraging book, Naomi Beth Wakan shares he experience as an older writer, from dealing with ageism to working around a sometimes erratic memory, providing valuable insights to other older writers. Along the way she collects the experiences of ... Read more

Spoken Word Workbook

Edited by Sheri-D Wilson

The Spoken Word Workbook: Inspiration from Poets Who Teach is a play-space where the audience becomes the artist and artist becomes the audience. The title features interactive exercises from seventeen professional spoken word artists. This unique project is ground-breaking ... Read more

Thing Feigned or Imagined

By Fred Stenson

"Somebody commissioned to design the perfect writing mentor would probably come back with Fred Stenson. Stenson is wise, funny, and blessedly enthusiastic about the craft of writing. This is a book real writers are going to use, again and again."--Curtis Gillespie, Playing Through ... Read more

Word Carving

Edited by Moira Farr & Ian Pearson

Word Carving: The Craft of Literary Journalism collects the works of twelve writers, either up-and-coming or already at the top of their field. Each writes with passion, skill and storytelling expertise. Their words are shaped with all the care and artistry that artist Peter ... Read more


By Steven Heighton

A fresh and provocative picture of what it means to create literature, this collection of Steven Heighton's notes to himself as he writes peeks into the mind of an acclaimed author. The short pieces reveal Heighton's pointed, cutting take on his own work and materialize the ... Read more