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By Gary Delainey
Illustrated by Gerry Rasmussen

Content to juggle the demands of her career and family life, Betty's charm comes from being what her co-creator Gerry Rasmussen calls "a working class hero whose spirit cannot be broken by the endless series of outrages that make up modern life. "

Book of Letters I Didn't Know Where to Send, The

By Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson's The Book of Letters I Didn't Know Where to Send is a collection of — wait for it — letters, written by award-winning stand-up comedian — you guessed it — Steve Patterson.

The host of CBC Radio's The Debaters since 2007, Steve Patterson has become a household ... Read more


By Basil H. Johnston
Edited by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

Basil Johnston was one of the foremost Anishinaabe writers and storytellers, and his comedic stories about life in Residential School, Indian School Days, is a classic. Candies was Johnston's first collection of humorous works in decades.Excerpt from "Indian on Bicycle" found ... Read more

Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book

By Aye Jay Morano


At last, an activity magazine for Metal Heads. From Slipknot to Spinal Tap, the brain teasers are all there. Use some magic and the answers are sure to come. ” — Ronnie James Dio

From the creator of the bestselling Gangsta Rap Coloring Book comes a new activity book for ... Read more

Invasion of the Bastard Cannibals

By Nathan Weathington

What would cause a man to leave his sheltered and conservative home in the rural South to move to the hippie-infested left coast of Canada? A woman, obviously. In his second comic memoir, Nathan realizes that although he could make a homemade grenade as a ten-year-old, he is ... Read more


By T. J. Dawe

Labrador is about a part of the world that practically no one knows anything about — Canada's own Siberia. And because your tour guide is the lovely and talented TJ Dawe, it's also about the cycle of generations, how the hell bread got invented, the blurry line between fact ... Read more

Rants, Riffs and Roars

By Berni Stapleton

One of Newfoundland's greatest exports is humour, and few performers serve it up better than comedian Berni Stapleton. Her collection of short stories and sketches will leave readers weeping tears of laughter on the floor. Stapleton's savage "foxhole" writing takes aim at semi-famous ... Read more


By Conni Massing

Roadtripping documents a decade of road trips through the fiefdom of Alberta. The men and women who make up the Buffalo Gals first set out in July 1999 to experience the unusual and charming roadside attractions of south-central Alberta. Never dreaming that this one-off adventure ... Read more