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A Brief History of Oversharing

By Shawn Hitchins
Narrator Shawn Hitchins


Musings from a “one-man flash mob” (Toronto Star)

Comedian Shawn Hitchins explores his irreverent nature in this debut collection of essays. Hitchins doesn’t shy away from his failures or celebrate his mild successes — he sacrifices them for an audience’s amusement. ... Read more

A Very Stable Genius

By Mike Luckovich


How do you poke fun at a man who’s so absurd he practically satirizes himself? Even two-time Pulitzer Prize–winning cartoonist Mike Luckovich admits it’s been a challenge covering the Cheeto-in-Chief in his internationally syndicated political cartoons. But Mike rose ... Read more

Bag of Hammers

By Edward Riche

There are the timeless questions that must be answered: Where is the most boring town in Eastern Canada? How can a government most efficiently mismanage prosperity? Are all of our contemporary psychoses a direct result of the motion-picture montage? As the Newfoundland saying ... Read more

Big Rig 2

By Don McTavish

Join McTavish and his fellow haulers as they. ..- hunt down and retrieve a stolen rig. - sweat bullets hauling burning boxcars and molten steel. - park a bulldozer in a living room to keep it warm. - slip, slide, and spin up and down icy inclines and muddy trails. - reveal the ... Read more

Caricature Cartoon Canada

Edited by Terry Mosher & Terry Mosher

The idea for this collection came from a conversation I had with the great Russian cartoonist Oleg Dergachov, who now lives in Montreal. Oleg told me of a Moscow cartoonist who, on his deathbed, asked that onea of his favourite cartoons be engraved on his headstone. rather than ... Read more


By David McGimpsey

In these funny and twisted stories of American culture, David McGimpsey answers questions that have long demanded answer: What does a teacher of "Elvisology" teach? What kind of animal is McDonald's Grimace? Did Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman ever kiss each other? If Fonzie's ... Read more

Classic Jokes

Edited by Jeff Silverman & Lawrence Morgenstern
Illustrated by Dave Cornell

They say laughter is the best medicine, which explains why you need a prescription for nitrous oxide. This book, Classic Jokes, is the first volume in the Yuk Yuk’s Joke Book series. One brief note on the overall content of these jokes. The prevailing and annoying politically ... Read more

Cosmic Fishing

By Jaymz Bee

Poetry On The Go is a selection of 70 of Bee's poems and lyrics to songs that are accompanied by original art - both from him and from close friends. Bee described this collection of light-hearted poems, saying: "I wanted to write a book to leave in your bathroom.You can read ... Read more

Country Music Fun Time Activity Book

By Aye Jay

Sure to delight fans of old country legends and new tabloid faves, this whimsical book moseys through a variety of classic activities, such as connect-the-dots, coloring, and simple puzzles.