World War I

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The Oxford Roof Climber's Rebellion

By Stephen Massicotte
Introduction by R. H. Thomson

Suffering the aftermath of the war and foreseeing the dawning of new ones, the Oxford Roof Climbers, the Benevolent Order of, lay siege to a sleepy university town. A stand against stands, a dare to end all daring, a doing that protests doings; the two haunted men—armed with ... Read more

Till the Boys Come Home

By Curtis Mainville

A century after the beginning of the Great War, the contributions of the Maritimes to the formation of the Canadian Expeditionary force remain relatively unexplored. Till the Boys Come Home examines the conduct of the war through the eyes of one particular agricultural and coal-mining ... Read more

Training Aces: Canada's Air Training During the First World War

By Peter C. Conrad

When the First World War broke out, little was known about aviation. "Training Aces" chronicles the development of aviation in Canada that began in the years before the war when early experiments in flight were made by Canadians. This book portrays the important role that Canada ... Read more

Uncle Cy's War

Edited by Valerie Teed

At 31 years old, Major Cyrus Inches resolved to survive the Great War, and did so without losing his sense of humour, in spite of the tragedies he constantly faced. His letters home were stored and left undisturbed for almost ninety years. Cleverly written with wit and humour, ... Read more


By Vern Thiessen

France, 1917. Four wounded Canadian soldiers recover in a field hospital in the wake of the battle for Vimy Ridge, waiting to find out where they’ll be sent next: back home or back to the front. Along with a young nurse from Nova Scotia, they share their stories, reasons for ... Read more