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Trimming Yankee Sails

By Faye Kert

The word "pirate" conjures up many Hollywood images, but Trimming Yankee Sails by Faye Kert paints a very different picture. Covering the Atlantic coast from Cape Breton Island, Halifax, and Saint John to the east coast of the United States down to the Virginias, this insightful ... Read more

Two Trails Narrow

By Stephen McGregor

Two Trails Narrow follows the lives of two Algonquin half breeds, Ryman McGregor and Abraham Scott, who united as wannabe escapees from the harsh hands of the Jesuit priests at St. Xavier's Residential School outside Spaniards Bay on Lake Ontario. With the help of a kind man ... Read more

Uncle Cy's War

Edited by Valerie Teed

At 31 years old, Major Cyrus Inches resolved to survive the Great War, and did so without losing his sense of humour, in spite of the tragedies he constantly faced. His letters home were stored and left undisturbed for almost ninety years. Cleverly written with wit and humour, ... Read more


By Dieter K Buse & Graeme S Mount

In this second volume of Untold: Northeastern Ontario's Military Past, authors Dieter K. Buse and Graeme S. Mount detail the contributions and experiences of men and women from northeastern Ontario who participated in military conflicts. They present, among many topics, the ... Read more


By Vern Thiessen

France, 1917. Four wounded Canadian soldiers recover in a field hospital in the wake of the battle for Vimy Ridge, waiting to find out where they’ll be sent next: back home or back to the front. Along with a young nurse from Nova Scotia, they share their stories, reasons for ... Read more

War on the Home Front

By Daniel MacMillan
Edited by Bill Parenteau & Stephen Dutcher

Daniel MacMillan never saw the battlefields of Passchendaele or Vimy Ridge. A farmer in the tiny New Brunswick community of Williamsburg, he experienced the Great War entirely from the "home front. " War on the Home Front: The Farm Diaries of Daniel MacMillan, 1914-1927 is a ... Read more

When the Great Red Dawn Is Shining

By Christopher J.A. Morry

On their march towards the Somme, and Beaumont Hamel, the young men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment raised their voices to sing “When the Great Red Dawn is Shining,” a song about returning home to the people they love. Howard Morry was one of the young men who managed ... Read more

Wild Daisies in the Sand

By Tom Sando

Wild Daisies in the Sand is a series of diary entries beginning in 1941, when the author was imprisoned in concentration camps, first in Petawawa and then Angler, Ontario—a young Japanese Canadian, like many others, deemed dangerous by the Canadian government because of his ... Read more