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The Oxford Roof Climber's Rebellion

By Stephen Massicotte
Introduction by R. H. Thomson

Suffering the aftermath of the war and foreseeing the dawning of new ones, the Oxford Roof Climbers, the Benevolent Order of, lay siege to a sleepy university town. A stand against stands, a dare to end all daring, a doing that protests doings; the two haunted men—armed with ... Read more

The Plum Tree

By Mitch Miyagawa

For George Murakami, three years as an activist in the Japanese Canadian Redress movement have finally paid off. But what has the struggle cost him? Driven by the puckish spirit of his Uncle Mas, he's come to the berry farm in search of a connection to his past. The Plum Tree ... Read more

The Road to Canada

By W.E. (Gary) Campbell

Since the last Ice Age, the only safe route into Canada's interior during the winter started at the Bay of Fundy and followed the main rivers north to the St. Lawrence River through what is now New Brunswick. Aboriginal people used this route as a major highway in all seasons ... Read more

The Siege of Fort Beauséjour, 1755

By Chris Hand

Almost since Champlain's men first settled on St. Croix Island in 1604, the French and the English fought for control of Acadia, a huge area consisting of today's Maritime Provinces and parts of Quebec and Maine. The British assault on Fort Beauséjour in 1755 was the final ... Read more

Till the Boys Come Home

By Curtis Mainville

A century after the beginning of the Great War, the contributions of the Maritimes to the formation of the Canadian Expeditionary force remain relatively unexplored. Till the Boys Come Home examines the conduct of the war through the eyes of one particular agricultural and coal-mining ... Read more

Training Aces: Canada's Air Training During the First World War

By Peter C. Conrad

When the First World War broke out, little was known about aviation. "Training Aces" chronicles the development of aviation in Canada that began in the years before the war when early experiments in flight were made by Canadians. This book portrays the important role that Canada ... Read more

Traitors of Camp 133, The

By Wayne Arthurson

Captain Mueller is dead. Hanged, apparently by his own hand. But ex-police officer and war hero Sergeant August Neumann doesn't think it's quite so simple. How could it be with blackshirts, legionnaires, and communist sympathisers vying for control of the camp?

Now Sergeant ... Read more

Trimming Yankee Sails

By Faye Kert

The word "pirate" conjures up many Hollywood images, but Trimming Yankee Sails by Faye Kert paints a very different picture. Covering the Atlantic coast from Cape Breton Island, Halifax, and Saint John to the east coast of the United States down to the Virginias, this insightful ... Read more

Turning Back the Fenians

By Robert L. Dallison

In the early 1860s, Irish immigrants in the United States were eager to help the Fenian brotherhood overthrow the British in Ireland. The American Fenians' mission: to invade British North America and hold it hostage. New Brunswick, with its large Irish population and undefended ... Read more

Two Trails Narrow

By Stephen McGregor

Two Trails Narrow follows the lives of two Algonquin half breeds, Ryman McGregor and Abraham Scott, who united as wannabe escapees from the harsh hands of the Jesuit priests at St. Xavier's Residential School outside Spaniards Bay on Lake Ontario. With the help of a kind man ... Read more