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Bootlegger's Confession, The

By Allan Levine

SPAN lang=EN>P dir=ltr align=justify>It's 1922 and business is booming for Saul and Lou Sugarman-- ­thanks to prohibition. But business gets personal when the Sugarmans' brother-in-law ends up dead. Looking for answers, private detective Sam Klein is called in to investigate. ... Read more

From Tolerance to Tyranny

By Erna Paris

One thousand years ago, a civilization existed in Spain that was famed throughout Europe. To the horror of the Christian rulers to the north, Jews, Christians, and Moors lived together in harmony — and in doing so they created one of the most extraordinary societies the West ... Read more

Mouth of Truth

By Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

Mouth of Truth is the unique story of a woman trapped in the vault of family secrets, part of her still a hidden child, some 40 years after the Second World War. Following a crisis, she leaves her home and children in search of the truth about her beloved father, a Jewish policeman ... Read more