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Bootlegger's Confession, The

By Allan Levine

SPAN lang=EN>P dir=ltr align=justify>It's 1922 and business is booming for Saul and Lou Sugarman-- ­thanks to prohibition. But business gets personal when the Sugarmans' brother-in-law ends up dead. Looking for answers, private detective Sam Klein is called in to investigate. ... Read more

From Tolerance to Tyranny

By Erna Paris

One thousand years ago, a civilization existed in Spain that was famed throughout Europe. To the horror of the Christian rulers to the north, Jews, Christians, and Moors lived together in harmony — and in doing so they created one of the most extraordinary societies the West ... Read more

Out of Hiding

By Alan Twigg
Afterword by Yosef Wosk

A thorough collection and examination of stories and perspectives from the Holocaust-related books of British Columbia authors, including nearly 100 black and white photographs.

Holocaust witnesses will soon cease to exist. As Tolstoy famously put it, what is to be done? One ... Read more