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A Cowherd in Paradise

By May Q. Wong

In 2006, the Prime Minister apologized to the Chinese people for the legislated discrimination created by Canada’s head tax laws in the first half of the twentieth century, acknowledging the far-reaching and long-term consequences it has had on their families. A Cowherd in ... Read more

Cambodia and the Year of UNTAC

By Tom Riddle

This is the untold story of what went on behind the scenes when the UN tried to manage free elections in Cambodia in the early 90s. Told with insight, humor, and a dash of romance, Cambodia and the Year of UNTAC staggers from adventure to adventure as the UN seeks to bring hope ... Read more

The Doctor Who Was Followed by Ghosts

By Li Qunying & Louis Han

A Communist doctor of great dedication, Li Qunying undoubtedly had fewer ghosts behind her than others, yet her life was in many ways ill-fated as she struggled to exist through vast political turmoil?the Anti-Japanese War, the Civil War, the Korean War, and the notorious Cultural ... Read more

The Legacy of Tiananmen Square

By Michel Cormier
Translated by Jonathan Kaplansky

With the loosening of restrictions on the Chinese economy in the 1980s and 1990s and the rise of the middle class, many observers thought that Western-style democracy would soon follow. Instead, China has adopted its own version, with a market-driven economy where actions that ... Read more