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O Canada Crosswords Book 17

By Gwen Sjogren

Puns, fun and Canadiana-they're all standing on guard for solvers in O Canada Crosswords 17. These ninety-five new crosswords provide a playful mix of sixty-five Canadian- and other-themed puzzles in larger grids, plus thirty non-themed Canada Cornucopia crosswords.


For anyone ... Read more

O Canada Crosswords Book 19

By Gwen Sjogren

Featuring 2,600-plus Canadian clues—that’s over 20 per cent of the total—the nineteenth instalment of this popular series offers a motherlode of national content, puns and fun. As always, author Gwen Sjogren digs deep into the Canadian landscape with geography themes ... Read more

O Canada Crosswords Book 21

By Gwen Sjogren

Nightwood Editions is proud to present its annual O Canada Crosswords release with Gwen Sjogren’s tenth book in the series, which features 100 puzzles and over 12,600 clues. If you’re counting, 23. 5 percent of the clues focus on Canadian references, and you can depend ... Read more

O Canada Crosswords Book 23

By Gwen Sjogren

75 All-New Crosswords

Over 250,000 O Canada Crossword books sold in 20 years!

In this latest instalment of O Canada Crosswords, author Gwen Sjogren mines the national landscape to unearth a wealth of witty wordplay, a motherlode of puns and a bonanza of Canadiana in 75 large-sized ... Read more