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O Canada Crosswords Book 7

By Kathleen Hamilton

Drawing on Canadian geography, culture, history, politics and even national pastimes like hockey, Kathleen Hamilton creates puzzles that celebrate Canadian identity. With their recognizable folkart covers and uniquely Canadian content, Hamilton's O Canada Crosswords books have ... Read more

O Canada Crosswords Book 8

By Dave Macleod & Barbara Olson

A puzzle a day keeps the boredom away! And these are no ordinary puzzles. These 75 cleverly themed crosswords include themes like "Prefix-ation," "Prime Mini$ter$" and "Let it Snow." Many of the clues use tricky wordplay and are all about Canada: Child of Chibougamau? (enfant). ... Read more

O Canada Crosswords Book 9

By Dave Macleod & Barbara Olson

Macleod and Olson's puzzles are ingrained with accents of Canadian culture, and are infused with humour:

House party (NDP)
Liberal-minded guy (DION)
Lame excuse (BUM LEG)
Pet peeve (FLEA)

"I really enjoyed the humour and challenge of these (O Canada 8) puzzles. Please tell me ... Read more

Practical Poker Math

By Pat Dittmar

Astudy in probability, strategy, and game theory, this handy companion explores all the mathematical methods of mastering the game of poker. Using an original concept called "Total Odds," the book presents a complete odds work-up for both Texas Hold'Em and the high and low hands ... Read more

Slapshot Hockey Quizbook

By The Puzzling Sports Institute

These fun, easy-to-understand puzzles and quizzes are perfect for fans of all ages who will be challenged and intrigued by the variety of skill-testing questions about hockey and all of its leagues.

Sudoclues test readers' knowledge of players' jersey numbers to help readers ... Read more

Swayne's Advanced Degree in Hold'em

By Charley Swayne
Foreword by Daniel Negreanu

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game across North America and Europe. Hold’em’s popularity surged in the early 2000s due to its exposure on television and on the internet. The no-limit betting form is used on the now widely televised World Series of Poker and the ... Read more

The Kaizen of Poker

By Sheree Bykofsky

Whatever your poker level — beginning, intermediate, or expert — you can always improve!

In The Kaizen of Poker, Sheree Bykofsky will help you take your game to the next level — and to the level after that. By learning how to identify and focus on the skills and strategies ... Read more

The Shark and the Fish

By Charley Swayne

Patience and aggression are key elements of a successful poker strategy, but also, as this innovative and accessible guide reveals, to a successful leadership strategy in business decisions. Acclaimed poker instructor Charles Swayne presents down-to-earth career advice using ... Read more

The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook

By The Puzzling Sports Institute

Catch Canucks fever and celebrate over 40 years of Vancouver Canucks hockey! This must-have collection--jam-packed with 80 pages of puzzles, crosswords, games, trivia, facts and fun for towel-waving fans of all ages--will have you Luu-ing and riding your stick like Tiger Williams ... Read more