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Death and Life of Strother Purcell

By Ian Weir

The man, the myth, the one-eyed legend: a frontier epic for fans of Ron Rash and Cormac McCarthy.

In 1876, the fabled lawman Strother Purcell disappears into a winter storm in the mountains of British Columbia, while hunting down his outlawed half-brother. Sixteen years later, ... Read more

Like Rum-Drunk Angels

By Tyler Enfield

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The Coen Brothers meets Kurt Vonnegut.

Francis ... Read more

Quivering Land

By Roewan Crowe
Illustrated by Paul Robles

Roewan Crowe's compelling and haunting literary debut, Quivering Land, is a rather queer Western, engaging with poetics and politics to reckon with the legacies of violence and colonization in the West.

Written in a sparse style, this lonely, sometimes brutal book invites the ... Read more

Swedes' Ferry

By Allan Safarik

Continuing its tradition of publishing first novels by establishe dpoets, Coteau presents the story of Constable Leslie Simpson,a Manitoba member of the North-West Mounted Police, who takes a day off to make a quick buck south of the border, and winds up battling to stave off ... Read more