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By William Illsey Atkinson

Based on interviews conducted with the author’s father, this fictionalized account brings to life the true character of a man involved in the battle of Ten-Go, a Japanese kamikaze naval offensive. In the aftermath of the battle for Okinawa, Tommy has utterly changed, just like ... Read more


By James W. Nichol

In the summer of 1946 a Canadian farmer in Paris, Ontario finds a severed finger lying in his field. It points to a grisly murder that occurred nearby. It also points back in time to a young French woman, sixteen year old Adele Georges, the daughter of a well-respected doctor ... Read more

Two Blackbirds

By Garry Ryan

The fires of the Second World War are beginning to burn down, but legendary Canadian aviatrix Sharon Lacey is not out of danger just yet. Complications enter the young ace's life as deep-seated racial and class prejudice, potential fifth columnists and even her own killer code ... Read more

Two Trails Narrow

By Stephen McGregor

Two Trails Narrow follows the lives of two Algonquin half breeds, Ryman McGregor and Abraham Scott, who united as wannabe escapees from the harsh hands of the Jesuit priests at St. Xavier's Residential School outside Spaniards Bay on Lake Ontario. With the help of a kind man ... Read more


By June Hutton

Sixteen-year-old Albert Fraser believes that serving in the First World War will make him a man. What he doesn’t realize is the type of man he will become, until a shell blast buries him alive in a trench at the Somme. Albert emerges from the war with a driving need to fill ... Read more

Unyielding Clamour of the Night

By Neil Bissoondath

A young man of privileged upbringing leaves his home in the prosperous north of his island nation to teach in the devastated south, where a civil war festers. Over the course of several months, in which he befriends many of the town’s people and becomes teacher not only to ... Read more

Where White Horses Gallop

By Beatrice Macneil

FROM AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR BEATRICE MACNEIL COMES THE ACCLAIMED STORY OF THOSE WHO WERE SENT INTO BATTLE— AND THOSE WHO WERE LEFT AT HOME. In 1941, three young men enlist in the legendary Cape Breton Highlanders and sail off to war, leaving their families to wait and wonder ... Read more