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A Rogue's Decameron

By Stan Rogal

A Rogue's Decameron consists of ten stories - tales - that loosely follow the fabliaux style and are based within the spirit of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Boccaccio's The Decameron: extravagance, joy and ribald humour around sex, lust, vice, death and other ?hungers' ... Read more

A Run On Hose, A

By Rona Altrows

Rona Altrows' short stories go to the core of what it is to be human - to cherish a departed mate beyond reason, to love a child to distraction, to keep the faith with a friend no matter what, to laugh in the face of self-doubt. This collection delivers a humorous yet poignant ... Read more

A Small Dog Barking

By Robert Strandquist

Following the success of his novel, 'The Dreamlife of Bridges', Robert Strandquist makes a much-awaited return to the short story form. As always, Strandquist's works explores relationships both familial and sexual, and plumbs the unspoken communications where things go haywire. ... Read more

A Three-Tiered Pastel Dream

By Lesley Trites

A career-focused woman finds her life taken off course by an unexpected pregnancy and its challenging aftermath; a troubled doctor abandons her family on her daughter's birthday, the three-tiered pastel layer cake in the passenger seat beside her; a young mother must contend ... Read more

A Traveller Came By

By Seán Virgo

This is a collection of ten stories by one of Canada’s foremost fiction writers, designed to be a bedside book for people living with death.

In his challenging, affirmative introduction Sean Virgo suggests: "We prepare best for death, surely by loving life." These ... Read more

Accountable Advances

By Dave Williamson

A finely-crafted collection of short stories, Acountable Advances reveals the strange and subtle nuances of everyday life, life in 1957, hidden lives, lives in crisis, and lives just beginning. When a young couple is caught planning premarital sex while "Courting in 1957," her ... Read more

After it Rains

By Bill Haugland

After it Rains, Bill Haugland's first short story collection, gently probes the human psyche and deftly reveals our foibles.

What happens to a man who faces the loss of home and property after the worst economic downturn in decades? Is a novelist's coma, in fact, a hidden doorway? ... Read more

Airborne Photo

By Clint Burnham

Drinkin’ rye and water with Grandma. Guns in False Creek. Frat boy homies from the North Delta ghetto. Samuel L. Jackson. Phantom Lord & Metallica. A kid who’s got the hots for his mom…


That’s right. It’s all here in this collection of immediate, lean and visceral ... Read more