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In Tongues of the Dead

By Brad Kelln

Inspired by a real manuscript in the rare book library at Yale University?and centering on the insights of an autistic child?this fast-moving mystery brings together the fields of cryptology, church history, and clinical psychology. As the tale begins, Father Ronald McCallum ... Read more

Running the Whale's Back

Edited by Andrew Atkinson & Mark Harris
By Lynn Coady

In a collection as fine in scope as it is intimate in detail, Running the Whale's Back presents a host of Eastern Canada's brightest literary talents, all putting pens to paper to explore the multiple facets of what we call "faith" through a unique Atlantic vantage point.

In ... Read more


By Colin Mallard

A cast of unforgettable characters draws us into a world, vivid and haunting. A world where war comes suddenly; dynamite, fire, bullets: friends and family dying in the night. Stillpoint is a daring, controversial examination of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that shows the ... Read more

Watch How We Walk

By Jennifer LoveGrove

Alternating between a woman’s childhood in a small town and as an adult in the city, this novel traces a Jehovah Witness family’s splintering belief system, their isolation, and the erosion of their relationships. As Emily becomes closer to her closeted Uncle Tyler, she ... Read more