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A Palace in Paradise

By Mehri Yalfani

A Palace in Paradise is a novel about the complex Iranian refugee and immigrant community in Toronto and the way in which one woman's death changes the lives of many others. The people in this community are connected by family ties, cultural ties, romance, and the fact that, ... Read more

Blackbird's Song

By Pauline Holdstock

It is June 1900. The Boxer slogan, “Exterminate the Foreigner”, haunts Emily, William and Martha as they flee for their lives, victims already of their own private obsessions, their faith shaken when they need it most, with only one another to count on for survival.

Holdstock’s ... Read more

Bottle Rocket Hearts

By Zoe Whittall

Welcome to ’90s Montreal. It’s been five years since the OKA crisis and the sex garage riots; the queers are rioting against assimilation, cocktail AIDS drugs are starting to work, and the city walls on either side of the Main are spray-painted with the words YES or NO. ... Read more

Exceptional Circumstances

By James Bartleman

Autumn, 1970: Hostage-taking separatists in Quebec abduct a foreign diplomat and a cabinet minister and threaten violence across the country. As fear sets in, the government turns to Luc Cadotte, a specialist on international terrorism and veteran of the clandestine struggles ... Read more

Fields of Exile

By Nora Gold

2015 Canadian Jewish Literary Awards — Winner, Fiction

Judith finds the courage to stand up for her beliefs and protest anti-Semitic hypocrisy.
Judith is a young woman who lived in Israel for a decade, was a peace activist there, and defines herself as "left-wing," yet in ... Read more

From Howdy Modi to Modi ki Godi

Every morning Anand and Kabir start work in a run-down tea stall in a poor Delhi neighborhood. Winter, summer, rain or shine. It's the same day in and day out. The shop owner, Sharmaji, is a good man. It is out of kindness that he employs the two boys. He knows Anand is a Dalit ... Read more


By Gail Scott

In a bathtub in a rooming house in Montreal in 1980, a woman tries to imagine a new life for herself: a life after a passionate affair with a man while falling for a woman, a life that makes sense after her deep involvement in far left politics during the turbulent seventies ... Read more

In the Belly of the Horse

By Eliana Tobias

Second Place Winner, 2017 International Latino Book Awards (Best Latino Focused Fiction Book - English); Finalist for the 2018 Latino Books Into Movies Awards (Drama)

In the Belly of the Horse is a gripping story illuminating an historic period in the life of a Peruvian family ... Read more

Iron Bridge

By Anton Piatigorsky

Shortlisted, Danuta Gleed Literary Award

In a bold, brilliant collection of stories, Dora Award-winning playwright Anton Piatigorsky delivers a superbly inspired inquiry into the early lives of the 20th century's most notorious tyrants. In The Iron Bridge, he is unafraid to push ... Read more

Itzel I

By Sarah Xerar Murphy

The first of two-part novel, Itzel I tells the story of three disparate characters swept up in the drama of the Mexican student movement of 1968 whose ending in the Massacre in Tlatelolco on October 2nd, a date now always commemorated in Mexico, changed their lives forever. Broad ... Read more