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3,000 Miles

By Jason Schneider

After Kurt CobainÓ³ suicide finally pushes him over the edge, Andre devises a plan: him and his friends will embark on a journey across North America to Seattle, where theyÓ¬l sacrifice themselves.


By Andre Alexis

A is a work of fiction in which André Alexis presents the compelling narrative of Alexander Baddeley, a Toronto book reviewer obsessed with the work of the elusive and mythical poet Avery Andrews. Baddeley is in awe of Andrews's ability as a poet—more than anything he wants ... Read more

A Beckoning War

By Matthew Murphy

2016 Foreword Reviews INDIES, Silver, War & Military (Adult Fiction)

Captain Jim McFarlane, a Canadian infantry officer, is coming apart at the seams. It’s September 1944, in Italy, and the allied armies are closing in on the retreating Axis powers. Exhausted and lost, ... Read more

A Good Baby

By Leon Rooke

During the night of a storm, an Appalachian girl delivers a baby and disappears. The next morning, Raymond Toker finds the baby under a bush and takes to the mountain roads to find her a home. While Turner carries out his quest, the child's father, Truman, with "teeth as rotten ... Read more

A New Athens

By Hugh Hood

In the second volume of The New Age, Matt Goderich is studying art history at the University of Toronto. His research leads him to the mythical town of Stoverville, where he meets his future wife and her mother, a visionary painter.

A Raw Mix of Carelessness and Longing

By Cecelia Frey

Jamey Popilowski dreams of becoming a rock star and Lilah Cellini dreams of Jamey. Together the young couple leave their childhood home of Terrabain Street and hit the open asphalt, kicking up a musical storm along the way. Entering their raw mix of carelessness and longing ... Read more

A Traveler's Tale

By Byron Ayanoglu

The Traveler's Tale begins in a small village in Turkey where the protagonist, Jefferson Cooper, finds himself (despite himself ). He has no idea why he is there, nor who he is. An apparent victim of some sort of selective amnesia, with a suitcase full of money and demonstrably ... Read more

A Work in Progress

By Brad Cotton

Writer Danny Bayle’s life is in shambles. His true love has left him and his grandfather—the last and most important influence in his life—has just passed away. Danny has spent the last few months languishing, unable to write a single word, but at the urging of a friend ... Read more

Aberhart Summer, The

By Bruce Allen Powe

It is the summer of 1935, and while young Doug Sayers is spending the summer going to movies and sneaking cigarettes and his friend Babe Roothe is discovering women, William Aberhart and the Social Credit Party are promising twenty-five dollars a month for everyone in Alberta. ... Read more