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At this Juncture

By Rona Altrows

Alarmed that Canada Post keeps losing money, Ariadne Jensen, a woman in her fifties, pitches the CEO with a scheme to save the corporation: she will get people to start writing and mailing letters again. As an inspiration to others, Ariadne writes bundles of letters for all ... Read more

Frankenstein Murders

By Kathlyn Bradshaw

It is the early 19th century. A young English detective named Edward Freame is assigned a case that could make or break his career. He is to track down a serial strangler, a task made daunting by the fact that the murders are three years old, and the one person connected to ... Read more

In the Beggarly Style of Imitation

By Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Born on the twin backs of torpidity and obsession, In the Beggarly Style of Imitation is a voyage into the mind of one of the Canadian literary underground’s most unruly writers. Equal parts tribute to the historical genesis of the novel and the well-trodden subject of love, ... Read more

Letters to Amelia

By Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Grace Porter is reeling from grief after her partner of seven years unexpectedly leaves. Amidst her heartache, the thirty-year-old library tech is tasked with reading newly discovered letters that Amelia Earhart wrote to her lover, Gene Vidal. She becomes captivated by the famous ... Read more

My Two-Faced Luck

By Brett Josef Grubisic

1990. Transferred to Horsetail Institution and mortally ill, an inmate devotes his remaining weeks to a project--recording his history on cassette tape. The account describes a curious queer journey that began in rural New England in 1927. Meditating on ruined family, illicit ... Read more


By Juliana Léveillé-Trudel
Translated by Anita Anand

A young woman from Montreal follows the geese to the Inuit North in this deeply felt witnessing of contemporary Aboriginal life, as shaped by decades of colonial rule and government neglect. Having worked in the North for years, Juliana Léveillé-Trudel's account of the Indigenous ... Read more

Seven Down

By David Whitton

In a series of interviews, seven hotel employees — all, it turns out, sleeper agents — puzzle out the events of a botched assassination attempt.

Seven ordinary hotel employees. Catering, front desk, management. Seven moles, waiting for years for a single code word, a trigger ... Read more