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A Hunger Artist & Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love

Translated by Thor Polson, Elana Wolff, and Menachem Wolff

Kafka's writings are characterized by an extreme sensitivity manifested in absurdity, alienation, and gallows humor, and these two particular collections of short pieces, A Country Doctor (1919) and A Hunger Artist (1924), represent later works in the corpus. Poems and Songs ... Read more


By Edith Wharton
Illustrated by Seth

A newly rich American couple buy an ancient manor house in England, where they hope to live out their days in solitude. One day, when the couple are gazing out at their grounds, they spy a mysterious stranger. When her husband disappears shortly after this eerie encounter, the ... Read more

Army of the Brave and Accidental

By Alex Boyd

A genre-bending retelling of The OdysseyArmy of the Brave and Accidental is a modern fable: a story about relationships, parenthood, and trying to have an impact on the world told from the shifting perspectives of ten characters. A hundred years after James Joyce stitched ... Read more

Cold Pastoral

By Margaret Duley

Mary Immaculate is just twelve years old the day she goes missing. Berry-picking in the woods near her village in outport Newfoundland, Mary has an encounter with something from another world. When she is finally found, Mary is taken to hospital in St. John’s, where her attending ... Read more

Crown Derby Plate, The

By Seth
Illustrated by Seth

An antique collector hears of an ancient woman with a large collection of china. Hoping to complete a particular set, the collector pays a visit to the woman's ramshackle house, where she makes a terrifying discovery. This 1933 story confirmed Marjorie Bowen as one of our best ... Read more

Diary of Mr. Poynter, The

By M.R. James
Illustrated by Seth

While engrossed in an account of the death of a student obsessed with his own hair, a man leans down to absently pet his dog—oblivious of the true nature of the creature crouching beside him. This classic ghost story by M. R. James is a spooky holiday delight.


By Frances Burney

The first novel by the prolific 18th century writer, Evelina is a lighthearted epistolary novel chronicling a young lady's rise in Regency England society. Evelina, having been raised in the country and sheltered from the evils of London, is suddenly thrust into the height of ... Read more

Flying a Red Kite

By Hugh Hood
Series edited by Michael Gnarowski

A beautiful new edition of Hugh Hood’s debut story collection.

It all started toward the end of the 1930s, when the young Hugh Hood serviced a flourishing Saturday Evening Post delivery route with more than fifty weekly customers. That was where the author-to-be first encountered ... Read more

How Fear Departed the Long Gallery

By E.F. Benson
Illustrated by Seth

Biblioasis is thrilled to continue this series of beautifully illustrated, collectible, classic Christmas ghost stories designed and illustrated by world-famous cartoonist Seth. In How Fear Departed the Long Gallery, for the Peverils, the appearance of a ghost is no more upsetting ... Read more

Mary Barton

By Elizabeth Gaskell

"I had always felt a deep sympathy with the care-worn men, who looked as if doomed to struggle through their lives in strange alternations between work and want. .." -Elizabeth Gaskell