Alternative History

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A Feast of Brief Hopes

By Bruce Meyer

There are unseen forces in our lives that shape who we are and what we become. How we respond to those forces determines our futures. These stories examine how characters respond to the unexpected. Do we carry our memories of the beautiful moments of life with us into death? ... Read more


Edited by Mark Shainblum, John Dupuis
By Allan Weiss, Dave Duncan, Derryl Murphy, Edo van Belkom, Eric Choi, Laurent McAllister, Michael Skeet, Michae Skeet, Paula Johnston, and Nancy Kilpatrick

"If only. .." French forces had defeated the British at the Plains of Abraham. "If only. .." Avro had built its famous aircraft. "If only. .." Louis Riel's Red River Rebellion had succeeded and he'd escaped the hangman's noose. "If only. .." the Louisiana Purchase had gone to ... Read more

Dark All Day

By Brenden Carlson

In an alternate 1933, a sleuth and his robot partner are caught in the middle of a legal battle that will decide the fate of the world’s machine population.
Carlson does a good job populating his gritty, split-level world with dodgy mobsters, deadly dames, and killer machines. ... Read more

I, Gloria Grahame

By Sky Gilbert

Shortlisted for the 2022 ReLit Award

A professor of English literature writes the autobiography of his fantasy alter-ego, wanton movie star Gloria Grahame, while his own sexual desires go frustrated.

Denton Moulton — a shy, effeminate male professor — lives inside his head, ... Read more

Les Gosans de la triste patrie

By Katayoun Afifi

Toutes les histoires sont inspirées des événements de la société iranienne d'aujourd'hui. Les bossus comme moi: l'histoire métaphorique d'un homme qui en disant le mot "pour quoi" comme protestation, son dos tord avec des bosses. Madame Fabricante des baignoires: une artiste ... Read more

Letters to Little Comrade

By Dan K. Woo

In this reissue of Dan K. Woo’s debut novel we meet Little Comrade, a young woman at the mercy of the fates in the fictional country of Quina. Framed as an advice booklet, Letters to Little Comrade takes us on a dystopic journey that circles around Little Comrade’s attempts ... Read more


By Shola von Reinhold

What was beyond doubt by the time I got back was that a new Transfixion had arrived in the form of Hermia Druitt, the woman in this photograph. This was confirmed by the sensations: flashes from Arcadia. Moonlight, of a kind, sighed up and down the tube of my spine, but above ... Read more

Magnetic Dogs

By Bruce Meyer

Magnetic Dogs is a collection of short stories that examines how displaced individuals – those who have been snatched out of their time and place – struggle to adapt and reinvent themselves in an entirely new context or re-establish themselves in their former situations. ... Read more


By Brenden Carlson

In a gritty, tech-noir version of 1930s Manhattan, an ex-cop and his robot partner must stop a killer who’s sending the city into chaos.

December, 1933. The city that cannot sleep, where cartels and mobsters go bump in the night. Manhattan’s delicate peace is broken when ... Read more

Natural History of Transition, A

By Callum Angus

A Natural History of Transition is a collection of short stories that disrupts the notion that trans people can only have one transformation. Like the landscape studied over eons, change does not have an expiration date for these trans characters, who grow as tall as buildings, ... Read more