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By André Alexis

A is a work of fiction in which André Alexis presents the compelling narrative of Alexander Baddeley, a Toronto book reviewer obsessed with the work of the elusive and mythical poet Avery Andrews. Baddeley is in awe of Andrews's ability as a poet—more than anything he wants ... Read more

A Good Name

By Yejide Kilanko

Twelve years in America and Eziafa Okereke has nothing to show for it. Desperate to re-write his story, Eziafa returns to Nigeria to find a woman he can mold to his taste. Eighteen-year-old Zina has big dreams. An arranged marriage to a much older man isn't one of them. Trapped ... Read more

A Knife in the Sky

By Marie-Célie Agnant
Translated by Katia Grubisic

In A Knife in the Sky, a journalist's decision to talk and a student?s desire to know puts them in the crosshairs of a murderous dictatorship. As the novel opens, Mika is dangerously engaged in the pursuit of truth during Haiti?s first Duvalier regime. Nearly thirty years later, ... Read more

And the Walls Came Down

By Denise Da Costa

Back in the low-income neighbourhood where she was raised, a young woman rediscovers the importance of community, home, and finding one’s voice.
Just before the demolition of her childhood home in east Toronto, Delia Ellis returns to retrieve her beloved diary. Using it as ... Read more

Back Talk

By Louise Delisle


“To read Delisle’s plays is to be sat right sown on the front stoop or round the kitchen table of Africadian fact. She puts us there, centre stage, right in the midst of the country-and-town reality of The People philosophizin, drinkin. singin, prayin, quiltin,laughin, ... Read more

Behind the Face of Winter

By H Nigel Thomas

A coming-of-age novel set in a Montreal in which immigrant youth totter on the edge of self-destruction and oblivion, in the face of brutal and racist police, an insensitive education system, and few prospects for the future. Thomas's language is spare, and his crackling dialogue ... Read more

Book of Wings

By Tawhida Tanya Evanson

Winner - Blue Metropolis/Conseil des arts de Montreal New Contribution Literary Prize 2023

Longlist - Canada Reads 2022

In this sweeping, allusive novel, the celebrated poet, dervish, and oral storyteller Tawhida Tanya Evanson comes to terms with what it means to stand on one's ... Read more

Butter Honey Pig Bread

By francesca ekwuyasi


Winner, Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ2S+ Emerging Writers (Writers' Trust of Canada); Longlisted for the 2020 Scotiabank Giller Prize; finalist, Governor General's Literary Award; finalist, Amazon Canada First Novel Award; finalist, Lambda Literary ... Read more

Chasing Freedom

By Gloria Ann Wesley


Young Adult Historical Fiction

A story of the struggle of Black Loyalists and their arrival in Nova Scotia.

NEW: Teaching Guide Available Here

Shortlisted for The Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children’s Literature.

The American Revolutionary War is being waged, and the ... Read more

Chasing the Black Eagle

By Bruce Geddes

Against a backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance and Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia, a young man tails Hubert Julian — a pilot, inventor, adventurer, charlatan, and possible threat to America.
Facing an attempted murder charge, seventeen-year-old Arthur Tormes is in no position ... Read more