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Arrow’s Fall

By Joel Scott


There’s nowhere to hide in the Great Sea Reef in this heart-stopping thriller of a yarn

In this follow-up to 2018’s Arrow’s Flight, a tale of an 18th-century sunken ship and a fortune in gold sends Arrow and her crew on a venture that seems harmless enough. That is, until ... Read more

Arrow’s Flight

By Joel Scott


Crime and adventure on the high seas

Jared Kane is a West Coast commercial fisherman whose life has been plagued by bad luck and blackout drinking. When he inherits Arrow, an old 46-foot wooden sailboat, he sees a chance for redemption. With his friend from prison, Danny MacLean, ... Read more

Butterflies in Bucaramanga

By Tanna Patterson-Z

Tanna Patterson-Z's meticulously researched novel, a fictionalized account of the 1998 kidnapping of mining executive Edward Leonard by Colombian renegades, guides readers deep into the physical and political terrain of a beautiful but dangerous country that remains off-limits ... Read more

Collision Course

By Doug Morrison

Back in Canada after a harrowing vacation gone wrong, Michael Barrett tries to put all thought of Ukraine and his mysterious captor turned friend, Dmitri, from his mind. This would be a little easier to do if a million dollars had not just popped into his bank account. A mistake, ... Read more

Course Correction

By Doug Morrison

After his plane to Greece is hijacked, Canadian Michael Barrett finds himself in Ukraine on the run from the Mafia, in the company of his mysterious Ukrainian seat-mate, Dmitri. As Michael and Dmitri try to stay ahead of the pursuing Mafia, Michael struggles to figure out who ... Read more

Crown Fire

By David Annandale

When Canadian Forces soldier Jan Blaylock's father- an investigative journalist- and the rest of her family are murdered in an attempt to cover up illegal arms sales, Blaylock abandons military life to plan her revenge against Integrated Security, the multi-national conglomerate ... Read more

Hooker & Brown

By Jerry Auld

Shortlisted for the 2009 Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature

Set in the Canadian Rockies, Hooker & Brown is an evocative adventure story about one man’s quest to put to rest a historical mystery. While reading a history book of the area, Rumi—a trail crewman in the ... Read more

Incident at Willow Creek

By Don Hunter

After her mother's death, Liz Thomas inherits the key to a bank lockbox containing the official government documents of Camp 10, a prisoner-of-war camp located in the sleepy town of Willow Creek, AB during World War II. As Liz desperately attempts to piece together reports on ... Read more

La Chance des Irlandais

By Frédéric Latreille

"La Chance des Irlandais," est le premier volume d'une série qui s'intitule "Les Chroniques du Canal Lachine." Ce roman suit les tribulations d'Eamon Jovanovski, un artiste en herbe de descendance irlandaise, qui se lie d'amitié à l'âge de seize ans avec un certain Tom Murphy, ... Read more

Like Rum-Drunk Angels

By Tyler Enfield

One of CBC Day 6 "books to gift this season"
All Lit Up Bingemas: Unputdownable Books for Everyone Selection

Francis Blackstone is a fourteen-year-old gunslinger with a heart of gold.

He’s fallen for the mayor’s daughter and resolves to make his mark, and his fortune, to ... Read more