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Amusement Park of Constant Sorrow

By Jason Heroux

In Jason Heroux's disquieting third novel, Owen lives an enjoyable suburban life with his wife, Lila, until a knock at the door brings him face-to-face with a past he didn't know he had. The sudden revelation forces him to reconsider where he's from, what he is, and where he's ... Read more

Days by Moonlight

By Andre Alexis
Narrator Andre Alexis

Gulliver’s Travels meets The Underground Railroad: a road trip through the countryside – and the psyche – by the author of Fifteen Dogs.


Botanist Alfred Homer, ever hopeful and constantly surprised, is invited on a road trip ... Read more

Disintegration in Four Parts

By Jean Marc Ah-Sen, Emily Anglin, Devon Code, and Lee Henderson

Four writers, four different perspectives on the problematic notion of purity.

"All purity is created by resemblance and disavowal. " With this sentence as a starting point, four authors each write a novella considering the concept of purity, all from astonishing different angles. ... Read more

Everything Life Has to Offer

By Shari Kasman

In this strangely endearing, wonderfully whimsical, and exquisitely hilarious collection of stories, life offers a free trip for two to Ethiopia and an imported cat, a pool of vegan gravy and an Internet Elvis wedding officiant, a confetti machine and a potentially life-changing ... Read more

The Ticking Heart

By Andrew Kaufman

Part modern fable, part detective novel, a journey through grief in the imaginary world of MetaphoriaOne cold winter night, Charlie shares a cab with a stranger in a purple hat. As they talk, a cloud of purple smoke overwhelms him and he wakes up to find himself behind the only ... Read more