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Hemingway's Widow

By Timothy Christian

A stunning portrait of the complicated woman who was Ernest Hemingway’s fourth wife, exploring the tumultuous years of their marriage, and evoking her merry widowhood as she shapes Hemingway’s literary legacy.

Mary Welsh, a celebrated wartime journalist during the London ... Read more

Love Me True

Edited by Fiona Tinwei Lam & Jane Silcott

Modern love confessions and reflections just in time for Valentines Day, written by award-winning writers like Lorna Crozier, Susan Olding, Yasuko Thanh, Samra Zafar, and Michael Crummey. What keeps us together? What breaks us apart? In Love Me True, 27 creative nonfiction writers ... Read more

These Days Are Numbered

By Rebecca Rosenblum

The diary of a woman longing for community in a crowded downtown in pandemic times, when casual intimacies are forbidden.
Novelist Rebecca Rosenblum lives in St. James Town, Toronto — the most densely populated square kilometre in all of Canada. When the Covid-19 pandemic ... Read more