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The Lucky Ones

Edited by Ann Rauhala

From the early stages of the adoption process to bringing the child back home, this collection of personal stories reveals why parents who have adopted children from China feel?despite the challenges they've endured?truly lucky. In one account, a woman contemplates her daughterÓ³ ... Read more

The Unfinished Dollhouse

By Michelle Alfano

No mother is prepared for the moment when a child comes out to her as a person whose physical gender is out-of-keeping with his emotional and psychological gender-identity. In Michelle Alfano's intimate memoir, she recounts her experience as the mother of a transgender child. ... Read more

This One Wild Life

By Angie Abdou


From the author of Canada Reads finalist The Bone Cage.

Includes research on the shy child, parent-child bonding, social media issues, and the benefits of outdoor activity and nature immersion.

Disillusioned with overly competitive organized sports and concerned about her ... Read more

Tug of War

By Harvey Brownstone

Explaining complex family law concepts and procedures in a jargon-free style, this resourceincludes detailed information on how family court works,offers easily understandable caseexamples,and describes alternatives to litigation that are designed to help preventfamilies with ... Read more


By Brent LaPorte


For readers of Alan Cumming’s Not My Father’s Son comes a heart-wrenching memoir that interrogates an abusive father and his dark legacy.

Children who experience physical, mental, and emotional trauma at the hands of a parent often grow into adults who suffer from mental ... Read more

What, No Meat?!

By Debra Poneman & Emily Anderson Greene
Foreword by Marilyn Diamond

Written for the concerned and bewildered parents of the more than one million school-age children who have stopped eating meat and the millions more who have significantly limited their meat consumption, this lighthearted book offers ways to simply and effortlessly accommodate ... Read more

When Things Get Back to Normal

By M.T. Dohaney

One Friday, Walter Dohaney, novelist M. T. (Jean) Dohaney's husband, went out as usual to play hockey with his friends. She never saw him alive again. Without warning, Jean was plunged into the most painful and disorienting experience of her life. Faced with a tumult of emotions ... Read more

Where the Nights Are Twice as Long

Edited by David Eso & Jeanette Lynes

Under the covers of Where the Nights Are Twice as Long: Love Letters of Canadian Poets, David Eso and Jeanette Lynes collect letters and epistolary poems from more than 120 Canadian poets, including Pauline Johnson, Malcolm Lowry, Louis Riel, Alden Nowlan, Anne Szumigalski ... Read more