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Mourning Dove

By Emil Sher

A life of pain is all twelve-year-old Tina Ramsay has ever known, and Doug is not convinced her next operation will make a difference. His wife, Sandra, believes it's their only choice. Keith, a family friend with challenges of his own, busies himself carving a dove to accompany ... Read more

My Daughter Rehtaeh Parsons

By Glen Canning
With Susan McClelland

Rehtaeh Parsons was a gifted teenager with boundless curiosity and a love for family, science, and the natural world. But her life was derailed when she went to a friend’s house for a sleepover and the two of them dropped by at a neighbour’s house, where a group of boys ... Read more

My Favourite Crime

By Deni Ellis Béchard

My Favourite Crime ranges across the world and over a wide array of contemporary issues. Divided into five sections, all united by a recurring consideration of how writing helps transform our understanding of our family, of ourselves, and of the world, the book addresses such ... Read more

No Way to Run

By Holly Crichton

On September 3, 2010, the RCMP in Grande Prairie, Alberta, received a 911 call from Mat Crichton about a shooting on a local farm. Seconds later, miles from home, Holly Crichton got a shocking call from her son. "I just shot Dad," Mat told her. The violent end to a violent situation ... Read more

No White Picket Fence

By Robin Whittaker & Sue McKenzie-Mohr

A powerful verbatim play about young women’s resilience through foster care, drawn from in-depth interviews. No White Picket Fence stems from a research project conducted by social work professor Sue McKenzie-Mohr with ten individuals who, as girls, grew up in the foster-care ... Read more

Once a Storm

By Janet Trull

Losing a loved one to addiction and the unsurmountable grief that follows cannot be aptly defined by linear, literal description. In Once a Storm, acclaimed short fiction writer Janet Trull nimbly and thoughtfully depicts the loss experienced by a parent who loses a child. When ... Read more

Out of Grief, Singing

By Charlene Diehl

Out of Grief, Singing is an achingly beautiful account of how a woman comes to terms with the loss of her newborn. After a bewildering series of rapid diagnoses and emergency interventions, Charlene's daughter Chloe is born. But her too-brief life is spent in the neonatal intensive ... Read more

Paradise, Later Years

By Marion Quednau

Marion Quednau?s collection PARADISE, LATER YEARS plays with the language of juxtaposition, nothing is straight on; if there?s quiet beauty by the sea, there?s a passing warship. Quednau?s lyricism, whether of river or lover, bears witness to relationships transformed by the ... Read more

Powered by Love

By Joanna Henry & Ilana Landsberg-Lewis
Photographs by Alexis MacDonald
Edited by Michele Landsberg

Winner, 2018 Best Atlantic Published Book Award
A National Bestseller

By the time the AIDS pandemic in Africa had reached its height in the early 2000s, millions of children had been orphaned. In the face of overwhelming loss, the grandmothers of Africa stepped in to hold families ... Read more

Practicing Feminist Mothering

By Fiona Joy Green

Practicing Feminist Mothering explores the realities of feminist mothering for both mothers and their children. It scrutinizes the discourse of motherhood by examining the material spaces that feminist mothers create to struggle with patriarchy. The book is based on in-depth ... Read more