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Dalhousie University

Edited by Mona Holmund
By George Elliot Clarke

The ultimate book for Dalhousie's 200th year.

From humble beginnings in 1818 as “the little college by the sea,” Dalhousie University has grown to be an influential Canadian thought leader, global educator, research powerhouse, and economic driver. Today, Dal has more than ... Read more

Neuchâtel Junior College

By Neuchâtel Junior College

Neuchâtel Junior College: The First Fifty Years celebrates the historic formation and development of this unique institution. From a dream of the founder Leonard Wilde to the prospering, well-respected school it is today, Neuchâtel Junior College has evolved in its first fifty ... Read more

Nothing Ordinary

By Larry Krotz

This is the story of how 800,000 citizens created their own school of medicine, and what it has meant for the region and its people.
Northern Ontario is a vast territory — almost as big as France and Germany combined — with a widely scattered population the size of only ... Read more

Professing English at UBC

By Sandra Djwa

In her University of BC Sedgewick Lecture for 1999, Sandra Djwa relates the life and times of two illustrious professors of English, who were among the most influential teachers in Canada's history. From the 1920s to the 1970s, Garnett Sedgewick and Roy Daniells shaped the way ... Read more

The Road Well Kept

By Heather Robertson

Extensively researched by journalist Heather Robertson, The Road Well Kept examines and celebrates the first 100 years of this Toronto private girls` school. Set against the backdrop of a changing Toronto, the book explores the strong personalities, unforeseen events, and the ... Read more


By Celia Haig-Brown, Randy Fred, and Garry Gottfriedson

In May 2021, the world was shocked by news of the detection of 215 unmarked graves on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS) in British Columbia, Canada. Ground-penetrating radar confirmed the vestiges of children as young as three on this site of ... Read more