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Teachers at Their Best | Enseignants sous leur meilleur jour

By Gina Valle

This book gives us an in depth look at what is happening in diverse classrooms in Canada, and how teachers are making a difference in their students’ lives. More than thirty powerful vignettes take us into the hearts and minds of exemplary educators, as they share their values, ... Read more

The Road Well Kept

By Heather Robertson

Extensively researched by journalist Heather Robertson, The Road Well Kept examines and celebrates the first 100 years of this Toronto private girls` school. Set against the backdrop of a changing Toronto, the book explores the strong personalities, unforeseen events, and the ... Read more

This is Importance

Edited by Gregory Betts

Poet, novelist and teacher Gregory Betts has an ear for a well-turned phrase and an eye for captivating errors. In this highly amusing collection, Betts has pulled together some of the best misinterpretations of literature that he has come across in his years of grading papers. ... Read more

Truth in Play

By Debbie Nyman, Jill Lloyd-Jones, and David S. Craig

Geared towards high-school students, Truth in Play: Drama Strategies for Building Meaningful Performances features a curated collection of short scenes from Canadian plays, complete with learning activities and teaching strategies for each. The scenes included in this book will ... Read more

What?s Wrong With University

By Jeff Rybak

The university system has its problems. Students invest a lot of time and money in education but all too often don’t get what they came for. In What’s Wrong With University, Jeff Rybak addresses the most pressing concerns for undergraduate students, and helps them cope with ... Read more

What's Wrong with University

By Jeff Rybak

Students invest a lot of time and money in a university education but all too often don't get what they came for. This book addresses the most pressing concerns for undergraduate students and helps them cope with the university system. The author illustrates that a university ... Read more

With Unfailing Dedication

By Elizabeth McLachlan

The sequel to With Unshakeable Persistence. McLachlan takes us into the next decade, relating with vivid, sometimes shocking detail, the experiences of prairie teachers during and after the second world war.

With Unshakeable Persistence

By Elizabeth McLachlan

A compilation of individual stories based on the author’s interviews and correspondence with several depression era teachers.