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Against the New Authoritarianism

By Henry Giroux

Against the New Authoritarianism traces the US descent into authoritarianism: the rise of a ruthless market fundamentalism, the emergence of a form of religious correctness that substitutes blind faith for critical reason, the growing militarization of everyday life, the corporate ... Read more

Career Rookie

By Sarah Vermunt


A shot of encouragement, a kick in the ass, and a loving push for young people who have no idea what they want or how to get it

Career Rookie is a book for every grad, student, and 20-something who feels lost, overwhelmed, and anxious. It tackles the emotional and logistical ... Read more

Dalhousie University

Edited by Mona Holmund
By George Elliot Clarke

The ultimate book for Dalhousie's 200th year.

From humble beginnings in 1818 as “the little college by the sea,” Dalhousie University has grown to be an influential Canadian thought leader, global educator, research powerhouse, and economic driver. Today, Dal has more than ... Read more

Future Schools & How to Get There from Here

By R G Des Dixon, R G Des Dixon, and RG Dixon

Future Schools offers an in-depth analysis of our current educational crisis and a comprehensive blueprint for change. Dixon proposes innovative, often controversial, but always common-sense reforms in such hotly debated areas as testing, destreaming, teachingmethods, and the ... Read more

Guide to Law Schools in Canada

Edited by Catherine Purcell

This comprehensive resource helps people considering a law degree to differentiate between schools and to answer common questions regarding the law degree. The emphasis is placed on what is unique about each law school, and where the school`s strengths and weaknesses lie. Comparisons ... Read more

Indigenous Earth: Praxis and Transformation

Edited by Ellen Simmons

This book is a collection of essays by Indigenous scholars and leaders which has been organized to share theories, research, experiences, as well as their methods in the application of Indigenous Knowledge. The idea to publish a collection of essays which would focus on framing ... Read more

Keeping the Public in Public Education

By Rick Salutin & Rick Salutin

In his trenchant essay, Salutin explores and defends public education at a time when the public sector "dares not utter its name for fear of derision and worse." He simplifies complex issues with the observation that "almost anything can work" if educators are genuinely committed ... Read more

Love the Questions

By Ian Angus

What are universities good for? This question has generated intense debate, particularly since the culture wars and Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind. Where radicals once critiqued universities' elitism, that argument has recently been turned on is head: many academic ... Read more

Neuchâtel Junior College

By Neuchâtel Junior College

Neuchâtel Junior College: The First Fifty Years celebrates the historic formation and development of this unique institution. From a dream of the founder Leonard Wilde to the prospering, well-respected school it is today, Neuchâtel Junior College has evolved in its first fifty ... Read more

Professing English at UBC

By Sandra Djwa

In her University of BC Sedgewick Lecture for 1999, Sandra Djwa relates the life and times of two illustrious professors of English, who were among the most influential teachers in Canada's history. From the 1920s to the 1970s, Garnett Sedgewick and Roy Daniells shaped the way ... Read more