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Anywhere but Here

By Carmen Aguirre

Anywhere but Here is an external representation of the inner turmoil of exile. Using magic realism tropes, it follows a family on a journey back toward Chile from Canada. They drive in a convertible along the desert border between the U. S. and Mexico, each with different emotions ... Read more

Blue Box

By Carmen Aguirre

Six years after fleeing the 1973 military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende, the democratically elected, socialist leader of Chile, eleven-year-old Carmen Aguirre and her family return to South America to join the underground resistance. At eighteen, Carmen commits herself ... Read more

Cast Iron

By Lisa Codrington

Alone in her Winnipeg nursing home, Libya receives an unexpected visitor from Barbados. Past repression resurfaces, until the tragedy that shaped her life spills from her soul. A rich story so vivid with the island, you can see Libya’s legs flying through the cane fields, ... Read more

Chile Con Carne and Other Early Works

By Carmen Aguirre

Three early plays from influential Canadian Latina playwright, Carmen Aguirre. The plays, Chile Con Carne, ¿QUE PASA with LA RAZA, eh?, and In a Land Called I Don’t Remember, deal with the experience of exile – the hardships, the heartache, and the horror – as well as ... Read more

Fronteras Vivientes

Edited by Natalie Alvarez

This book is the first to showcase the work of established and emerging Latina/o playwrights in Canada, charting the range and depth of Latina?/o Canadian theatre—its radical experimentations with form; its unflinching forays into histories of conquest, political oppression, ... Read more