Science Fiction

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Art Wars

By Francis Desharnais
Translated by Helge Dascher

In order to wage intergalactic warfare, aliens abduct all of Earth's artists : it turns out that the most powerful weapon in the universe is the violent, transcending beauty of poetry. Back on Earth, people don't really seem to care about the disappearance of painters, sculptors ... Read more

Exploded View

Edited by Jeffrey Ellis

From ocean floors to the darkest parts of space, science fiction has been built on creative and challenging short stories. Cloudscape Comics adds to this tradition by presenting the next generation of scifi storytelling in its anthology, Exploded View. This collection includes ... Read more

Krillian Key, The

By (artist) Neal Shannacappo

"My million years of immortality have barely begun. .." Pursued by warring human/alien hybrids, the immortal Kyrill, also known as Salamander, is the key to a prison forged by the seven gods of creation. While one of the warring factions moves to protect him, the other seeks ... Read more

Life Finds A Way

Edited by Dan Anctil & Alina Pete

Life Finds a Way is an anthology of comics about what happens after the end of the world. It asks the question, where are the helpers? How do you rebuild once the worst has happened? We want to tell stories of humanity at its best, despite dire circumstances. We want to explore ... Read more


By Sherwin Tjia

Take the plunge into a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

When Amelia "Mel" Eichenwald wakes up one morning, she finds herself in endless freefall towards an Earth that is no longer there, surrounded by the junk of human existence. From high heels to houses, billions of random items ... Read more

Shiatsung Project, The

By Brigitte Archambeault
Translated by Aleshia Jensen

"A woman lives alone in a small house situated in a tidy yard surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable wall. She spends her days reading, swimming, and watching TV. She eats regular meals and keeps her house clean. But the simplicity is deceiving, because the woman has no idea ... Read more